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We're a site devoted to:

1.  BETTER SLEEP and better information about sleep, including alternative (polyphasic) schedules — my personal expertise — and other ways to have enough time and be rested while living a modern lifestyle

2.  BETTER THINKING and better information about how to think, because thinking is a skill and letting your brain run away with you is miserable and causes terrible outcomes.

I'm here to OFFER QUALITY INFORMATION, PROVIDE USEFUL RESOURCES for people to help themselves and each other, and to LEND A HAND whenever I can!

Polyphasic Sleep

Polyphasic (multi-times-per-day) sleep is the single best thing I've ever stumbled on to improve my life.  (Hacking self-esteem is a close second.)  I've been polyphasic for most of the last decade, and I'll never go back to just sleeping at night.  I'm *much* more rested on my nap-based schedules, and I need half as much sleep as I did before!  That may sound wild or impossible, but keep in mind two things:

A) Everybody is different, and different things work for different people (at different times in their lives, even).  Some of us love being vegan; others can't abide it.  It's just as important to recognize that you and everybody else need a sleep schedule and sleep habits that work for you, individually.

B) Polyphasic sleep is common among animals, including primates.  Monophasic sleep was invented in recent centuries.  It's not even a LITTLE true that monophasic sleep is the "only" healthy way to go for everybody, especially as people's lives change drastically yet again.

It's possible to learn new ways to sleep.  What isn't possible is for one schedule to work for everyone.  We each have different sleep needs, but I think we can all agree that whatever they are, it's SO important for each of us to get enough rest!  I DO NOT ADVOCATE NOT GETTING ENOUGH SLEEP — which includes being "technically on" an 8-hour-per-night schedule and then not sleeping enough!  The key is to be and feel rested.  I am more rested now, on a total of 4 hours' sleep per day, than I ever was trying (and usually failing) to sleep 8 hours per night.  It takes some work, but it's absolutely possible — and if you're intersted in learning more, I can definitely help you out.  ;)

This website contains a huge amount of info on polyphasic sleep, collected over my 20 years of experimentation with different schedules, and of helping people find and adapt to schedules that work for them.  You can go from here to:

  • The Wiki
  • The Puredoxyk.com blog archives
  • The Book I wrote (Ubersleep: Nap-Based Sleep Schedules and the Polyphasic Lifestyle), which has a ton of info on polyphasic sleep as well as a complete how-to for planning and adapting to a poly schedule
  • My Bio, where you can also schedule a talk, or get personal help with your sleep schedule or adaptation


This is an ongoing community resource I run!  It includes VIDEOS, LIVE CHAT, and a CURATED LIST, delivered monthly, of the latest in sleep, time-management, philosophy and science relevant to making the most of your awake-time here on Earth!*

(*NOTE: there may totally be great info out there about making the most of your time off of Earth, and if I find any you can be assured that you'll receive that too.  ;)

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