Hibernation: The Agony & The Ecstasy

celebrate what you can

celebrate what you can

Thanksgiving night I slept for 8 hours.  I just didn’t tell myself why I ought to get up in the morning, and when the alarms went off I just shut them off and knocked right back out. 

And when I woke up, I said to myself, that’s it, I’m writing down how this feels.  Over the course of yesterday, I came up with several ways to describe it:

*  SORE!  My back was in agony, argh.

*  Sluggish…It took me a good hour to feel like I could really move around much or think too hard

*  Dull:  I didn’t want to to much of anything for a few hours; nothing sounded all that interesting.  TV sounded better than writing until well into the afternoon, heh.

*  Cranky:  I can be cranky post-nap and, less often, post-core, but it usually only lasts a couple minutes.  This did not.  This was like a mini PMS.  ;)

*  Rushed:  Good lord, it’s 9 a.m.?  Her Highness is awake already?  What do you mean I have to run errands…now?  I guess I’ve gotten good and used to taking my time.

…Now, Bucky Fuller and others have said that the "normal" amount of sleep is actually overindulging, that people only need about half that much and would be better off if that’s what they usually got.  I’m not so big on the Sourpuss Pedantic role (er, I hope), but for the record, I think they may have a point.  Not only have I survived for nearly a year and a half averaging 4 hours per 24, but now that I’ve gotten used to a reduced amount of sleep, sleeping 8 hours feels like freaking hibernating!  Obviously my brain & body have adapted to my polyphasic rhythm and are happy doing it, or I would expect a "full" night’s sleep to feel wonderful and rejuvenating, not like a vacation in the LaBrea Tar Pits.  ;)

To give both sides fair voice, polyphasic sleeping also has not cured my chronic conditions, made me lose weight, changed my whole outlook for the better, beaten my bad habits or given my hair a lustrous, silky shine.  It’s not (quite) a miracle — and for the "too good to be true" crowd, it’s not very easy either! — but it is an alternative that I think is healthy overall, and that I (and quite a few others) really, really enjoy.

Now, to go spend the rest of my loooong weekend morning.  (It’s 7 a.m.  I’ve been up for about two hours (stayed up a little late last night) and there’s still six hours until Taiji class…)  Did I mention that I’ve taken to going out to breakfast with an older (early-bird) relative on Sundays?  Seven a.m. every week.  I get fed for free, earn brownie points, and hear interesting family stories, and by the time I get back the rest of the household is usually still in bed!

On that note, I should get to my morning writing.  With this much time I should be able to pull off at least a chapter….!

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  1. Link says:

    That’s how I felt before I started polyphasics sleep, and was the reason behind my discovery of it. I was researching how to not feel like crap 24/7 online, when I came upon a blog that spoke of rigid sleep schedules, eg. same bed time and same waking time. This isn’t feasible for me due to varying amounts of homework, but the same blogger had another article on polyphasic sleep, and voila! My solution. It may just be the weird schedule I set for myself, but I haven’t had much trouble adapting… though I can’t wake up on my own yet, and the occasional alarm failure throws me off canter for a while.

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