The How and the When (good stuff for polyphasers)

Hey everybody! Apologies again for being eaten by school; it won’t last forever, I promise. (School’s digestive system is precisely eight weeks long this time ’round, and we won’t mention what I’m going to look like coming out the other side.)

Two good things for you today: First, another TED talk, this one brought to my attention by reader snailian (thanks!!). Poet Rives — who I confess I knew nothing about before today — does this great bit on the "conspiracy" of Four a.m.. A hilarious and intelligent short piece. Does TED do other awesome humor, I wonder? I bet I find out, during the next couple boring minutes I snag. (Bets that it’ll be at 4 a.m.??)

Secondly, friend and sleep deity Psuke sent me this bit from on "How To Nap" — and it’s actually pretty informative. There might not be anything here that you don’t already know, if you’re a longtime napper (and not all of it will apply to polyphasic sleep of course), but at the very least it’ll all smooshed into one convenient page. Even I learned something, though — I didn’t know that natural times to nap are about 1 p.m. for "larks" (morning people) and about 3 p.m. for "night owls". Cool!

Enjoy, and more actual content later. (Actually, more actual actual content, because it’s becoming apparent that I need to modify my sleep schedule. After nearly 2 years on this one, that’s not going to be a simple task!)

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