Holy Crap Radio Interview!

I’m on a Mexican Canadian radio…
I’m on a Mexican Canadian radio, woah-oh…

I’m going to be on the radio!  First time in my life; I’m so stupidly geeked that I bet I screw it up spectacularly. 

Want to listen and see if I screw up?  Well, if you’re awake, you can catch it either by living in the range of CFRU 93.3 in Canada, or by doing what I’ll do, which is catching it online at the radio station’s website.  You want the "listen live" links on the right-hand side.  The interview will be at 7:15 a.m. on Friday, July 4 (that’s 2008 for those of you who’ve been on Uberman a long time!).  And for the record, it looks like a really cool radio show, even without showcasing noobs like me.  ;)

There is also, as I understand it, a show archive on the site, where you can catch it if you missed it; and if they let me, I’ll post the interview here too (unless I really really spectacularly screw it up!). 

Hm, well, my voice is a little nasally and weird I think, but I’ve always been told I had a great face for radio!

(Gotta love that pic…I got it from http://www.freshair.co.uk, by Googling for "face for radio".  Ha!)

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2 Responses to Holy Crap Radio Interview!

  1. puredoxyk says:

    Hee — I totally forgot to ask what time-zone! But I guess it must be EDT, because that’s what I’m in, and the call for the interview didn’t unexpectedly (hilariously) come several hours too early or too late. ;)

    So yes, must be EDT. Thanks for asking! ::d’oh::

  2. Megan M. says:

    The interview will be at 7:15 a.m. on Friday, July 4

    That’s EDT, right? I’d love to catch this if I can figure out when to tune in!

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