I bet you think this post is about you, don’t you?

Is everybody, even basically unassuming folks, just a little vain about something, or is it just me?

I realized the other day that I’m quite vain about my hair.  (To be fair, ignoring it would be difficult; it is Legion!)  I always thought that because I didn’t fuss with it very much, I must not be very attached to it…but it’s probably more accurate to say that I don’t fuss with it very much because I don’t believe that fussing with it is good for it.  My no-blow-dryer, no-hairspray, no-heavy-chemicals-or-harsh-soaps edict is a bit more fashionista than monastery, I fear. 

I knew when I realized that I have four devices with which to preen my hair — a plastic brush, a fine plastic comb, a boar-bristle brush and an ox-horn comb — and that I use them all regularly, and for specific types of follicular manipulation. 

FOUR!  Henry David Thoreau would have a heart-attack at the sight of that, probably.

Hm.  Well, hopefully my complete failures at things like fingernails, makeup and clothing will buy me some austerity-points when I need them!

And, for fun, a non-exclusive list of AWESOME MARTIAL ARTS MOVIES TO SEE IF YOU HAVEN’T:

*   Iron Monkey

*  Drunken Master

*  Once Upon A Time in China (all of them!)

*  The One

*  Kung Fu Hustle

*  Shaolin Soccer

*  The Big Fight


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3 Responses to I bet you think this post is about you, don’t you?

  1. puredoxyk says:

    You’re both right — and those are on the list NOW, thanks to YOU, heh.

    Though, man, I really need to watch I&S again…

  2. Matt says:

    You need to add “Iron and Silk” too.

    And “Big Trouble in Little China”.

  3. snailian says:

    I don’t see “Hero” on your list!

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