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Here’s the goods!  (Maybe one of these days I’ll start doing this part more regularly, yah?)

–  Great stuff from WikiHow; my favorites are How to Define a Problem, and How to Create an Abundance Mentality.  It’s amazing how well a short article can handle a relatively abstract mental concept, I’m discovering.

–  The Working Group on Extreme Inequality (quite a find in itself) has a great piece on Auto Executive Compensation, which is quite eye-opening in light of the money they want to avoid completely trashing Michigan’s economy (at least).  The long and short of it?  US Auto Execs don’t make very much compared to, say, US banking execs.  But all US executives are racking up orders of magnitude more money than foreign executives, thanks to our clever lack of wage parity laws.  So one GM executive made $10.2 million in the same fiscal year that the top 32 executives at Toyota (including the CEO) made less than $20 million, BONUSES INCLUDED.

Oh yeah, but it’s the Union’s fault that they’re going out of business now, you know.  ::facepalm::

Anybody who finds that interesting will probably also like at least following the thinking in this Treehugger piece on three possible New-Deal-Like ideas to jumpstart the U.S. economy by building spiffy high-speed rail lines all over the place (not to mention solving the problem of how revolting air travel has become).  Say what you like about the New Deal, but those railroads are still a huge economic benefit today…

–  This is just cool, if you do Xmas presents:  Pangea Organics has gift sets packed in boxes that are not only biodegradable, but will grow into a spruce tree if you plant them.  Yup, open the gift, get the spiffy hippie-soap and stuff out, then soak the box and grow a tree out of it!  Big bonuses for creative thinking on that one.

–  In other hippie news, I found a neat site for people in the city who, like me, are seriously eyeballing the option of raising chickens.  It’s generally pretty badly written (seriously, "you’re here because you’ve been bit by the chicken bug"??  you make it sound like a parasite!), but the info is pretty darn helpful overall.

–  And there’s a weirdo in Michigan doing some downright disturbing face-paintings.  Not that I’m too surprised (though I am a bit surprised at the "self-described drag queen and born-again Christian" bit…wut??).  Looks like it takes talent, though!

–  "The End of Wall Street" is a really, really, really good article about the recent Crash.  I wish it didn’t end where it did — I want to know more! — but it was probably the best read on the topic I’ve seen so far.

–  Also, in the area of Things You Probably Didn’t Realize Would Be Interesting, the Book Design Review has a page up with their favorite designs of the year…and I have to admit, it was pretty fascinating to page through, and some of them are really, really cool.  If you know nothing about book design, this is a really fun way to burn five minutes.  ;)

Lastly, if none of that was weird enough for you…THIS IS REAL:

EEEEK, right?  How long do you think before some crazy religious nut donates Fetus Cookies for a bake sale near you?  (Thanks, again, to Cake Wrecks for the image.)

Whew!  Now that I’m not staring at fifty tabs, maybe I can get back to work!

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