Goofy Things to Choose From

So, I’ve been thinking–

[NO oh god no not that pleeeeeze NO RUN RUN RUN IT’S THINKING OHMYGOD HELP US NOOOO!]

–ahem, that Polyphasism and Random Blather isn’t nearly enough to offer as illustrious a group as yourselves.  And I really want to have room for creative (read: even stranger) writing here; so I was thinking a weekly thing maybe?  A small thing; there’s no room in my schedule to be serializing novels or whatnot.  So…

Among the following List of Things I May Possibly Accomplish, which do you most think you’d like to see?  (If there are several, select “Deathmatch” and tell me who won in the comments.)

(Yes, I am in a goofy mood.  It’s pre-Karma for the week I’m about to have at work.)

(gosh, now that I look, the main literary effect of my getting goofy is that the capitalization goes totally random.  weird.)

(Anyway.  POLL:)

Chaosopher or Stablologist?

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Word addict, kungfu/taiji nut, and life-partner to polyphasic sleep. Rabid fan of as many hobbies as the world will let me pry into its piddly fourth dimension (it helps to have knocked out the fourth wall).
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  1. alexander says:

    this is an enjoyably informative and funny blog.

  2. anonymous says:

    you are adorable!

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