Goofy Things to Choose From

So, I’ve been thinking–

[NO oh god no not that pleeeeeze NO RUN RUN RUN IT'S THINKING OHMYGOD HELP US NOOOO!]

–ahem, that Polyphasism and Random Blather isn’t nearly enough to offer as illustrious a group as yourselves.  And I really want to have room for creative (read: even stranger) writing here; so I was thinking a weekly thing maybe?  A small thing; there’s no room in my schedule to be serializing novels or whatnot.  So…

Among the following List of Things I May Possibly Accomplish, which do you most think you’d like to see?  (If there are several, select “Deathmatch” and tell me who won in the comments.)

(Yes, I am in a goofy mood.  It’s pre-Karma for the week I’m about to have at work.)

(gosh, now that I look, the main literary effect of my getting goofy is that the capitalization goes totally random.  weird.)

(Anyway.  POLL:)

Chaosopher or Stablologist?

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