Mid-week Shaolin Workout Update

A couple things that have occurred to me as I’ve been working through Section Two of the Shaolin Workout:

(There are actually four sections, by the way, not five as I thought before.)

  1. The stretches definitely do get easier, and more quickly than I’d expected.  I can now pretty much blaze through the first section; the easy ones are nigh effortless, and the hard ones are getting faster and easier every time.
  2. There are stretches in this section that assume that you can start in a full lotus position! SERIOUSLY now, that’s a little much!  (Or perhaps I’m stung because I was so proud a few months ago to realize I could do a half-lotus…)
  3. My knees & ankles tend to hate me for a few hours after I do this workout…they get a lot cracklier than normal…but then, a few hours after that, they stop crackling altogether, which is pretty much a first for me — I’ve always had crackly knees!  Also, while I’ve had plenty of pain in my legs, back, etc., there’s been no pain in my knees from these exercises, which also surprises me.
  4. I wonder if they add instructions like “And if you can, tuck your toes under your chin!” just to give us all a good chuckle?  I wouldn’t put that past a monk…  ;)

Definitely stretchier than I was — plus the moves I added today are getting into “complex and cool and make me look like Jet Li” territory.  Yay!

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