Random, Mostly Polyphasic, Stuff

…And by that I mean “mostly related to polyphasic sleep”, not “mostly occuring in several chunks”.  …Though come to think of it, I guess both are true!

Just a few things too good for Twitter and too small to stand on their own:

  • There are some new polyphasic articles out there, for those who are in the “researching” phase:
  • There’ve also been a ton of new visitors to this site, probably having something to do with new polyphasic articles I suppose — Hi and Welcome, New People! Please don’t take my repeated references to neophilia as a come-on.  If you’re looking for the most possible polyphasic info that involves wading through the least possible unrelated babble by me, you want the Polyphasic Sleep Information Portal.  Enjoy, and if you have any comments or suggestions, I’d love to hear ’em.
  • It’s now been several weeks for me of having a “human alarm” — my friend Psuke (the other original Ubersleeper!) is polyphasic again, and we’ve been calling each other to help her transition and me stay on-schedule in spite of a rather ridiculous recent spate of stresses and nap-busting events outside of my control.  It’s been awesome. I can’t recommend “human alarms” enough if you’re adapting or struggling to keep to your schedule. There’s almost always one time when it’s especially easy to oversleep, and the human alarm has an effect that, IMO, no robot-alarm can match.  Your brain is programmed to turn on at the presence of other people, I’m sure.  On top of the obvious benefit that I’ve been up on time nearly every single morning, no matter how fluxord my naps were the day before, I also get to talk to my long-distance BFF every day!  *woot!*
  • If you meditate, consider meditating right before your naps:  It’s a good way to a) practice often, and b) increase your likelihood of a good nap!  (It’s really helped me meet my twice-a-day-or-the-Shaolin-order-gets-mad goal, and I know I’ve been able to sleep for some naps that I wouldn’t have otherwise, due to external stresses or stretched schedules.  Yay!)
  • Can anybody help me find the best thing to heal sore knees after too much exercise?  I’m afraid my kitchen-remedies-for-darn-near-everything skillz don’t really go into sports medicine (yet), and wow did I overdo it this week.  Ye olde Flying Tiger Cub Balm isn’t enough, and MSM/glucosamine only seems to be helping a little…rrrgh!  (HINT:  If you don’t know anything about these things, you could just remind me to do the 108 more often.  That would probably help too.  ;)

There.  That oughtta hold back the flood of babble for…um…another day or so.

Happy Weekend, world!  Wish me luck; mine is fraught with fraughtedness.


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  1. Count D says:

    If the knee pain is reoccurring, you should have your knees x-rayed or otherwise examined.
    If they feel hot after training, it’s most likely a short-term inflammation which can be counteracted by simple cooling (long-term inflammations on the other hand need to be warmed).
    Avoid large amounts of short-chain carbohydrates as insulin peaks lead to increased synthesis of arachidonic acid and therefore the pro-inflammatory type of eicosanoids.
    The latter are also a reason to increase the amount of omega-3 fatty acids in food (= to supplement fish oil).
    Lastly I’ll recommend nettle tea, which inhibits cytokine synthesis and thereby can prevent cartilage damage.

    Regarding to cooking issue I can’t give much advice without further information. I usually just chop&steam some vegetables in a pan whenever I don’t want to spend much time in the kitchen.

    Parsley, brewer’s yeast and millet for example contain rather much iron. Another option would be to eat blood products. Cattle blood contains ~50 mg of iron per 100 g, daily req is 10 mg; so theoretically 20g of cattle blood sausage should be sufficient. Don’t try pig blood, tastes horrible.

    • puredoxyk says:

      Wow, Count D, I am in awe of your incredibly useful comment that ends with the phenomenal line “Don’t try pig blood, tastes horrible.” In awe, I say. Thank you!!

      I should probably bet on some short-term inflammation, because I can definitely feel it right after a class, and icing helps; but then again, I cracked a knee years ago and have always had some crackliness in both kneecaps that I’ve been told is congenital inflammation / pre-arthritis. Warm/hot soaks with epsom salts tend to help that. And thank you for the reminder about fish oil — that’s been on my list for too long; I need to get some now.

      Thanks again for the incredibly awesome advice!

  2. Chad K. Park says:

    Icy-hot and capzaicin (sp?). I know you’re supposed to use one or the other. However, I’ve used both once or twice. I start off with the capzaicin and give it a good 15-30 min. and if it still hurts I add some icy-hot & an ace bandage. Usually, the cazaicin does the trick.

  3. Aximilation says:

    Hey thanks for the link! Hopefully it can help clarify things for many would-be-polyphasers (or would-not-be-polyphasers…) and dispel some of the rumors/myths.

    In other news, I should be receiving my copy of the Shaolin Workout this week, it was supposed to be last Wednesday, but Amazon screwed up my order and didn’t tell me until the day it was supposed to be *delivered* (rant rave and whine)
    I’m looking forward to it, I’m working on trying to get two friends to join me with it for an early morning pain fest in addition to also adopting a partially raw food diet. Have you looked into that much?

    • puredoxyk says:

      I’m much better at rocking sleep and exercise than food, so no, not really. I mean, it sounds great, but it means I have to shop and cook and…yeah. I’m poor and busy, which means that if I’m being really good, I’ll manage to eat some organic food and some vegetables every day (which is going better now that I’m growing some, granted). I’ve tried to go vegetarian, but in spite of buying several books and whatnot, I can NOT find anything that doesn’t require you to either be a good cook or spend a crapton on expensive prepared hippie-foods. On top of all that, I have ridiculously high-iron blood, and have been warned repeatedly by doctors that I’ll need a very careful diet indeed if I’m going to try eating less meat. To which I always think, “Yeah, and I barely managed my goal today of not eating more than one bowl of ice cream….” ;)

      Luck, though! Looking forward to hearing how it all works out.

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