Need a Change? Five Great Things You Can Commit to Right Now

You probably know how I feel about change:  I love it.  It may be hard sometimes, but it’s also the source of all the Going Forward.  Tolle even said it — Even making a mistake is better than doing nothing, if you’re stuck.

So, are you feeling stuck, and not sure what change or changes to make?  Here are five EASY changes that I know of which are always a good idea. Pick one or two (don’t go overboard or you won’t follow through, yeah?) and make a commitment to it today!

  1. Meditate Regularly and/or More Often. Just today I read in a fantastic book that “you can’t expect help from the Higher Power if you don’t make an offering of your stillness and mindfulness first”.  When nothing else seems right, or sounds both possible and enjoyable, go for this one.  The benefits to physical and mental health alone make it worth it, and on top of that, meditation is often an excellent catalyst in itself, and helps bring further good change.  Also, even in really bad times when everything seems impossible to accomplish, “sitting quietly and breathing deeply for five minutes a day” is hardly decathalon material.  You can do that.  And you should.
  2. Drink More Water. Yes, you’ve heard it a thousand times, but chances are you still don’t really get enough.  And enough water is the difference between a fully-functioning brain/body and one that’s struggling to operate at capacity, which can have a huge impact on your abilities and performance.  Give yourself a physical and mental edge by getting a good-sized water-bottle, calculating how many times you need to empty it per day to get enough water, and then do it.
  3. Denounce Negativity. We all take comfort in negativity sometimes — and I say that as a Bona Fide Queen of Sarcasm myself.  But that comfort always comes at a price…and the price is steep.  On top of that, negativity is contagious, both within yourself and between yourself and others, so once you start indulging in it, it’s hard to stop.  DO stop.  Make a commitment to recognize negative thoughts when you have them, and to let them go whenever possible.  Don’t fight them — just let them go, like letting the string on a helium balloon go; let the idea just float away.  Tell yourself that if you want to think about that topic further, you’ll have to come up with a non-negative way to do so.
  4. Make a “Got A Minute List”. If you don’t have one, make a list of things you can work on for just a few minutes at a time.  They can be small tasks, or big tasks that will benefit from a little work here and there (some examples: “write a postcard to someone”, “practice piano for 5 minutes”, “file ten pieces of paperwork”, “do stretches”).  This will help you feel less overwhelmed in the long run, and give you something new to do with your spare minutes in the short term.  Plus, by knocking off some of the small things-to-do that’d been occupying your time and energy before, you’ll make room for newer and better things.
  5. Think Beautiful Thoughts. Hey, your mind is your Holodeck, and we all know that the guy who goes into the Holodeck to romp with unicorns is in better mental health than the guy who goes there to do obscene medical experiments.  Use your mindspace wisely, and commit to thinking at least one deliberately beautiful thought every day.  It can be anything, but make sure it’s actually beautiful to you — it should make you smile, not feel grumpy or envious.  Take a few minutes and get the details right.  If you can, write your beautiful thoughts down — they’ll be useful later, to someone, for something, I promise!

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