What’s So Hard About A T-Shirt?

Okay, time to crowdsource a bit.

I’d feel bad about this, but man, ya’ll don’t know how many emails asking polyphasic questions I fielded this weekend.  Seriously.  (Also, apologies to those of you who had to wait a few days for me to get around to answering you…I did my best, I promise!)

So, MY question to YOU is…

What’s a cheap, reasonable way to get a T-shirt made?

Because I love t-shirts and I have a pretty serious crapton of T-shirt designs made — mostly snarky things, things that I personally want to buy and wear, but I’m hoping to be able to offer them to others, too.  Mostly because it feels kind of stupid to design and make a T-shirt just so I can buy it myself!

Here are some details on where I’m at:

  • I used to use GoodStorm and I loved it.  They were cheap, fast, and way ethical.  Then they got bought out by Zazzle, which is none of those things.
  • Specifically Zazzle’s prices are STUPID expensive, and not only wouldn’t I pay them, I’d be embarrassed to ask anyone else to.  Same with CafePress.  I need to be able to offer a not-horrible-quality simple shirt for $20 or less, or no deal.  (GoodStorm let me do it for under $15.)
  • I’m not an artist, just a snark-machine.   So good design tools are a plus, but not an absolute necessity.  I can do pretty much everything by designing and uploading a simple .png, or something similar.
  • I can’t afford to buy in bulk.  Unfortunately this means screenprinting is generally out, though I do like the quality of it better than digital printing.

So there you have it…if you know of a good T-shirt company that does POD at reasonable prices, I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks, Internet!  You remain my favoritest collective consciousness ever.

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One Response to What’s So Hard About A T-Shirt?

  1. Chad Kovac says:

    A friend of mine prints my t-shirts for the company I own. You can use her online designer and buy one or one hundred shirts. You can also share a link to the design to others who wish to purchase the shirt. I don’t know if she’s set up to allow you to create a custom price and rake in some of the profits but I’m sure she’d be willing to talk to you about it.

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