Custom Sleep Tracks Revamped

Secondly-but-being-mentioned-firstly, I’ve gotten tons of pointers to (and from) this article at, which talks about the Uberman schedule in a refreshingly funny and totally mostly accurate way.  I was geeked; it was a fun read, and thanks to everyone who made sure that I didn’t miss it (in spite of working !#$ing twelve hours today and generally having an "I need to rent another arse to work off" kind of Monday)!

(If you’re here because you heard about Uberman in the Cracked article and want to know more about it — and its variants — awesome!  You want the Polyphasic Information Portal to start, probably.  Enjoy!)


Also, first of all…  ;)


For all of you who love the idea of a sleep track (a timed piece of music or white noise to nap to) and would love to roll your own, if it were only an easier task…Rejoice!

Lifehacker has an article on the web software called Sound Sleeping, that lets you mix your own sleep tracks using custom levels of drums, crickets, thunder, white noise and more.  It’s not a new idea, but supposedly it’s been much improved from its 2006 incarnation, and seems worth checking out even if you didn’t care for it before.

You can check out Sound Sleeping at

(For the record, no, I don’t use a sleep track or relaxation track now, but I have in the past.  They can be godsends when you’re forced to sleep in a none-too-quiet environment!)

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  1. nuno says:

    how isnt uberman not number one no that list ?

    • puredoxyk says:

      How isn’t it not…but it isn’t not number one! That is, it IS number one, or it was when I looked. (Sorry, I haven’t had enough coffee yet for double negatives. ;)

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