Awesome (External) Polyphasic Links

Waugh, there've been some awesome polyphasic links flying around lately!

I'm going to make more of an effort to catch some and stick them here; this post will be linked to from the Polyphasic Information Portal, so that we can expand it later.

First, an awesome discussion sprang up on the Google Polyphasic Group (which I moderate, but generally don't participate in), when an anonymous "reader" popped in to try and defend Dr. Wozniak's "Myths and Facts About Polyphasic Sleep" article against the charges (by myself and others) that it's, well, B.S. I answered the "reader", but it's the other commenters and their excellent answers to hir criticisms that I thought was really great. Spectacular reading if you're interested in the for/against polyphasic debate.

Then there's the fact that I'm not sure I've pluggged recently — it's a wiki project to provide information about polyphasic sleep — it was smaller last time I looked at it, but people have been putting a lot of work in, and it's really getting comprehensive now.  If you have a question, or want to send someone somewhere (besides here ;) for general information, I highly recommend it!

Recently, someone also dropped me a note about, too — and having poked around at it, I'll admit I'm impressed!  Besides blogs of adapting polyphasers (which admittedly is not of interest to everyone), they have an awesome nap alarm that's as easy as pressing the "Start Nap Now" button — great idea! — and if that weren't enough cool, there's even a map showing where all the registered polyphasers live, geographically.  Very creative uses of the Web for polyphasers, there; I plan to check back to see what else they think of.


There, now as I find more, I'll keep adding them — if you know of a polyphasic site that's more than just a personal blog, that offers information or services to either polyphasers or people looking for more information on the topic, then by all means let me know ( is the best way, probably). 

And thank you to all the people doing the work out there!  Running websites can be a thankless (and moneyless) job, but I'll appreciate that you do it if you appreciate that I do it, okay?  ;)


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