Emphasis Not Mine

Word-clouds made of transcriptions of toy commercials aimed at boys and girls, respectively.  Click pic to go to article.

But the reasoning behind all the women-must-do-this-work and men-are-excused-from-this-behavior talk is that we're born with those differences, you know.  "Girls" are "naturally" interested in homemaking and relationships and superficial beauty, and "boys" "naturally" want to go off to war and compete with each other. 

Surely these messages being delivered 24/7 from birth couldn't have anything to do with our tendencies.  It's all inborn, and therefore morally neutral!



Ultimate Battle Power Transform Girl

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  1. Benjamin Sutton says:

    Hi, I have a question about the USS, if I adapt to it, can I still have a lie-in on some days? There’s nothing better than just lying in for an extra 30 minutes all warm and comfortable…. But considering I won’t have one set sleep time, I don’t see how this is possible… Maybe with the ESS after the core-nap…

  2. wally says:

    PD, Thanks for all the info on polyphasic sleep, your work has helped shed much light on the subject for me and others.
    Just curious, do you ever visit INFOWARS dot com?  I don't like to tie my boat to anyone else's dock but these guys are a step above the rest as far as current events are concerned.  Im a MI native transplanted in TX, and had never heard of the Austin based site, it may pique your interest.
    Again, great blog, keep it up!

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