Cool Idea: The “Naptation”

Can you adapt to a polyphasic schedule by briefly replacing your sleep with a whole bunch of naps, and then gradually culling them back until you have just the right amount?  User and brave explorer of possibilities "Forevernade" on the Zeo forums makes a good case for it:

"I have been had[sic] several adaptations, and because my first adaptation to everyman took me so long I was determined to cut the adaptation by a significant amount. After loosing[sic] the ability to get a quality nap, I thought what better way to learn to nap but to nap often? Frequency of a stimulus has often been shown to induce the quickest adaptation in biology, so I went with this.

I stayed up for a day and two nights, before commencing Uberman, and then used a weekend (2 days), to nap every 2 hours, on the dot.

At first I didn't nap, then later I started napping. By the night time of the first weekend day I was dreaming like when I was on Everyman, and by the second night I realised every time I had a nap I would simply REM like normal or I was simply not tired (so I began light sleeping through naps). At this point I started to cut out naps out, aiming toward napping every 4 hours, and by the monday day, I had naturally commenced Uberman.


Tuesday I was a little tired, and Wednesday I was sleepy, and by Thursday I was adapted. I never went through a zombie mode. I never had a drawn out adaptation, and it seems that the 'Naptation' I organised over the weekend got me into the rhythem [sic]."

Of course, like all adaptation stories, I'm hesitant to call it a "success" until I hear "…and I've been doing it for 30+ days now" — but as possibilities go, this is a fascinating one.  I may even try it myself if/when I have to adapt to a different schedule.

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  1. Josy says:

    I'm quite taken with this idea, and it's high time I made another attempt at adapting to Überman following my failure learning experience six months ago.
    Sorry to comment on an old post; your more recent thoughts on principles also resonate strongly with me at the moment. :)

  2. Benja says:

    Cannot thank you enough. Thanks to this post I learned about the naptation, which I started tonight on my 6th day of an Uberman adaptation (after crashing for 7 hours in day 4 because narcolepsy), and 2 naps later I had my first REM that was a lucid dream too. I´m on fire right now feeling more energetic than in a long time.

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  4. Jerry says:

    cool, Ben, but have you heard of the Telsa schedule? It might  be even more effective than Dymaxion, because the naps at 20 minutes a piece are believed to be more efficient than 30-minute naps.
    If you want to read more, you can search this very site. :)

  5. Ben says:

    I came up with a similar idea about 10 months ago and have used it a few times with great success (never without it "sticking").  The first night, I spent 30 minutes sleeping, 30 minutes awake, alternating during the usual 8-hour block from my monophasic sleep schedule.  The next day, I slept 30 minutes out of every 2 hours until that evening when I pushed it back to 30 out of 3 hours.  Then throughout the second day, I had only slight sleepiness as I pushed naps back further until, by day 4, I was fully adapted to the Dymaxion schedule (30 minutes every 6 hours).  I've been able to stick with Dymaxion for stretches as long as 5 months, stopped only be outside factors.
    The first time attempting this was with an initial adaptation after being primarily monophasic for over 3 years – I was fully adapted in 4 days as I just described.  I used it again for two other adaptations after needing to be temporarily monophasic for 2 two week periods.  Those adaptations were both completed after 2 days.  No zombie periods, but it was tricky to be 100% on the schedule during the first 2 days – clear your schedule before beginning this! 

  6. Chad K. Park says:

    That trick is fascinating.  It seems like it combines the best part of starting SPAMAYL (napping as much as you need) with the benefit of a regular schedule.  I think it helped this person a lot by having previous attempts.  They probably had napping down as far as place, timing and habit.  But it's an amazing difference from 2-4 weeks of variable zombiehood.  Thanks for sharing and kudos to Forevernade!

  7. Russell says:

    Awesome story!  Steve Pavlina mentioned something similar in his blog, hypothesizing that only taking 20 minute naps would still force adaptation but taking them more frequently would pay off the sleep debt accumulated with switching to uberman.  Great to hear someone tried it with some success, I'm just starting Everyman-3 hr 3 naps and may have to add this knowledge in now :P

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