The Five Higher Laws, which end with a Gundam Metaphor

I'm in love; I'm in pain; I'm having a hell of a time and a wonderful time, often minutes from each other.  I'm remembering fictional past lives and making silly sound-effects in meetings.  I'm in One Of Those Phases, but shed ye not a tear, Internets, for I love what these phases do to my writing.  ;)

So, the other day my trusty Book tells me to "Contemplate the Higher Laws".  I'm sure it had some in mind, but of course being me, I had to ask the question from scratch anyway, because all the Higher Laws I know that other people wrote down are missing something, and I'm picky about wording.

Hence, I wrote my own Ten Commandments.  Except there are five, and they're actually in order of importance (which I think is far more useful; the Bible never did say what to do if the commandments conflicted with each other.  My list covers that ;).

This list has actually been of surprisingly great help to me…the Book was right about Contemplating Higher Laws being a good thing for me right now.  (The Book is usually right.)  I post them here on the offchance that someone else could use some rewording, too.





  1. Keep Trying. Live out your time and do not resent it. Remember that your job, your one single job here, is to Keep Going until you Stop. Realize that wanting to stop rather than continue in pain is an important lesson itself, but that in the end you are not allowed to stop, or even slow down: Living is your whole purpose here. No matter what happens, or how you fail, keep trying, and you will avoid regret in the long run.

  2. Pay Attention. Strive to be fully "here", aware and alert, every moment. Use the facilities you were gifted with; do not blunt them or deny them. Do not fall prey to boredom or dissatisfaction; there is always something to learn, and it's often hiding where you'd least expect it. Do not throw away reality in favor of things you desire instead. Also do not shut down in defense against pain: Pain is a lesson too, and some forms of growth are only possible through it. Be open and aware in every situation.

  3. Practice Karma Yoga. Do not deny or reject what the world presents to you – say Yes and strive to incorporate everything, even hard lessons and disappointments, into your life. Remember that everything is here to teach you, and that you're designed to be changed by the process of living. Do not indulge in fear, or hate (which is born from it). Strive for inner calm and balance, and approach the world with openness and honesty.

  4. Doubt Everything Else. Remember the world is in many ways an illusion, and many truths are beyond our direct comprehension. Do not be afraid to be guided by your Faith that life is worthwhile (#1) and your Perception of the moment (#2): these are the Great One's tools, and better than any systems human beings have ever built on top of them. Take good advice whenever and wherever you find it, but do not become entangled in words. Be prepared to let any individual belief or principle go when it conflicts with your heart.

  5. Love. Never pass up a chance to love. Don't quash or deny your feelings of love for people, places, or things, even if you'll never get any reciprocation or pleasure out of it at all – even if you know it will only bring you pain. Love isn't about pleasure; it's about feeling in your guts the truth of your connection to, and oneness with, the rest of reality. It's an obligation and a right as much as a privilege and a gift. Remember when it's good that it will be difficult; and remember when it's difficult that it can be wonderful. Learn to make space for it to live inside you without crippling you: The skill of letting it abide within you results in great power. [Gundam metaphor here.]

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  2. marzzbar says:

    "Love isn't about pleasure; it's about feeling in your guts the truth of your connection to, and oneness with, the rest of reality."
    Love this!

  3. Kedar says:

    OH YEAH!! haha
    I am about to marathon all the episodes with some friends who have never seen it before,
    how far into it did you get? 
    "All the lights in the sky are stars!"

  4. Kedar says:

    hmmm… it seems that  the box works but links stop it from working?

    I saw the gundam metaphor and it made me want to recommend Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann or just Gurren Lagann as its popularly known as.  It is the most legendary anime I know of and I think you would get something out of it for sure being a philosophy major/writer and lover of life. It is 27 episodes long
    I hope you watch it!  If you do you should mention it on your blog or something I would like to see what you thought of it.
    watch it online here
    or download it on piratebay
    I would recommend to buy it but im not sure if you can buy it with subtitles, it may only be dubbed, and you should see it subbed for sure.

    • puredoxyk says:

      Haha sorry Kedar, the boxes work but will dump you in the “to be moderated” queue if you’re either new or posting links. Sorry about the delay! And thank you for the inspired recommendation — I’ve seen most of Gurren Lagan but totally need to watch the rest, and I will take your nudge as my sign to do so. Woot!


  5. Kedar says:

    does this comment box work?!

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