Class warfare > Class massacre

Those complaining about the Occupy protests being Class Warfare are right.  Finally, it's turning to a war, with both sides aware that they're fighting it.

Thus far, it's been Class Genocide, with one side pooling their immense resources to safely corral and eradicate the 99% from afar.  By controlling the media, they've managed to keep the people they're attacking — depriving of food, shelter, education and rights — from ever realizing or acknowledging that they're under attack.  Like "safari hunters" who shoot caged lions, with enough money the 1% can make it cheap and easy to pick off their opponents like fish in a barrel.  It's been war-without-ever-leaving-your-mansion, winning without risking so much as a profit-margin. 

Until now.  Now the jig is up, and though they've been under attack for at least a decade already, the 99% are grabbing some weapons and getting ready to make this a real, honest fight.

Of course those who've been winning effortlessly for so long don't like it when their prey starts fighting back, turning the easy massacre into a real battle in which, oh yeah, they're massively outnumbered.  Now they might lose something; now, if they want their protected status and special privileges, they may actually have to pay for them.  It's not nearly as profitable to mug a person to their face as it is to sneak into their house while they're out working two jobs and swipe everything, is it?  When someone is facing you and the deal is open on the table, they might fight back, and they might even win. 

Cowards don't like warfare.  They prefer psyops.  They like missions that involve keeping people too scared and hungry to fight back, and "battles" where you can shoot everyone while they sleep.  But the cowards are in for it, if the 99% have woken up.

I'm not a fan of battles in general.  But Class Warfare beats the heck out of Class Massacre.

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  1. Perhaps it is a figure of speech or loose use of the word "genocide," but if an economic "class" (i.e. the middle class) ceases to exist–if society is reduced to poor and ultra-rich (as is the case in many countries already), then yes, that is a sort of "genocide" or obliteration of an entire sociological category.  And that is the direction we are headed.  Check out

  2. Norm says:

    You're being melodramatic to say class genocide is occurring in the United States. No irony in your post, is there? In China and Russia, class warfare became class massacre, and the 99% paid the heaviest price. Where has the 99% "woken up" and not paid the heaviest price–East Germany? North Korea?…Maybe France, but then why not just go straight to a Napoleon and skip the intermediate steps? I just want to know what your ideal is and in which country has it worked well enough for you to hold it up as The Standard.

    • puredoxyk says:

      Not irony per se, but indulging in a bit of melodrama-in-the-other-direction-for-once, sure. On the other hand, I’m not at all confident that my melodrama might not become dismally factual, if things continue as they are.

  3. Excellent blog!  For more truth, check out:

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