Happiness vs Fun, Round Three

Be aware, this is a whole post that I could have just filled with quotes from wiser men, but my own lobes needed the exercise, so you get mine.  It's been a gobsmacker of a series of lessons lately, and I just wanted to get the bones of them written down, now that I can somewhat think straight again.  ;)

1.     Lesson one, the big one:  Don't confuse fun with happiness.  One feels good all on it’s own and that’s all; the other is a deeper condition of health and positivity that makes everything feel better.

2.     Lesson two:  Do pursue happiness, and don’t be surprised when you can often find it in different places than fun.  For example, working out for an hour every day might not be fun, but being in great shape will bring you happiness.

3.     Lesson three:  Pursue fun too, but only when you can afford it.  Fun that you can’t afford – in money, time, or damage to other things – is never fun for long enough to be worth it.

4.     Lesson four:  Pain is not a punishment; pleasure is not a reward.  (OK, so I am stealing some quotes for this.)  Watch out for your natural tendency to value good-feeling fun over not-so-good-feeling acts (and restraints) that bring you happiness.  To do so is equivalent to valuing a pound of coal over an ounce of diamond.  Also, don’t automatically recoil from pain:  It serves a purpose that nothing else can serve, and its presence is a reliable hint that there’s a lesson nearby which can bring you closer to happiness – but you must have the courage to look right at it and see it for what it is. 

5.     (Because there are always five ;)   Fuck guilt; we are all flawed and our lives are supposed to be affected by those flaws.  Don’t hate yourself; instead, know yourself and do your best to steer accordingly.  Apologize to others when you screw up, and fix it if you can, but don’t apologize to anyone for being a person who screws up – they’re one too, guaranteed.

Alright, time to continue reeling into the holidays – hope it’s going well for all of you so far!   And for a little holiday cheer:


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3 Responses to Happiness vs Fun, Round Three

  1. puredoxyk says:

    Xodus, I think if you believe in the existence of truth then there are only more-and-less-pointing-in-the-right-direction lessons; hence similarities between paths aren't really surprising (unless, like me, you're sometimes amazed that TWO of the stupid monkeys that tend to line up around religion got something right, heh).

    John, drugs and good sleep don't mix on any level, so pick which one you'd like to experiment with for now and save the other.  ;)  I'm going to write a post on exercise and polyphase here shortly, since I've been getting asked about it a lot; stay tuned!



  2. xodus123 says:

    Hey puredoxyk, that article really speaks to my heart.
    I attended a 10-Vipassana course two weeks ago and point 4 is really one of the essences of what they where telling us. I wonder if there is a difference between Zen and Dhamma at all, because it sounds like basically the same.
    Hey Spencer. Do yourself a big favour and get tf clean. From your comment I can tell that you havent gotten the point of the article you commented. Dont try poliphasic sleep, it would not be save for you.

  3. Spencer says:

    Hey! Read this! I couldn't find an obvious way to contact you without a Twitter so I thought the first person to comment might get read. I've been reading about your polyphasic sleeping experiments and plan to try the "Everyman" one. I was wondering if you noticed any difference concerning exercise, such as recovery time, how much benefit you got from exercise, if it made the schedule harder, etc. If you yourself are not an exerciser, maybe you've read other sources. I was also wondering the effects of alcohol on the schedule. I assume booze makes waking up harder, but you never know. Also, I assume that anyone with a website like this has tried weed, shrooms, and/or acid. I would appreciate any information you have on how mixing those things with this sleep cycle goes. I'm a 19yo male college student. If you have any extra tips for that lifestyle, please let me know. Thank You

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