Contemplating how many times I’ve used “Day 1” as a post title

Day 1 again!

I decided to take today, since I had it, and give a shot at getting my sleep schedule back.  By "sleep schedule" I'm referring to the Everyman 3 / occasionally Everyman 4.5 hybrid that I slept on for seven years until things fell apart on me, which was realistically about six months ago (though it was more recently that I stopped trying to fix it and just gave up on schedules; see Hard Writings).  

Don't get me wrong, I'd LOVE to get Uberman back, but even I'm not crazy enough to think I can work it on my existing schedule/lifestyle.  That's a longer project for a later time, sadly.  Still one of my life's goals, though!

Anyway, here's the lowdown:

I slept from 11:30 – 4am, since I couldn't catch a nap yesterday.  Today I have taiji + 3 bike-rides (between 2 classes and home), but I should be home by 1 for my nap, and then I'm around this evening, so should have my naptimes OK.  Monday is hockey, which takes from about 7:30pm – 1am, but if I'm strict about it and take my evening nap at 7 and go right to bed when I get home, I can make it work I think.  (The question there is, Can I sleep just 3 hours after 1.5 hours of hardcore swimming?  And I guess we'll see!)

My schedule (the one I had for years, and find works for me pretty naturally now) looks like this:

~7am – morning nap

~1pm – afternoon nap

~7pm – evening nap

1am – 4am core nap (unless one of the daytime naps gets missed, in which case 11:30pm – 4am core nap)

I do expect some adjustment, since I've been off-schedule (off any schedule, really) for several months now; and furthermore, I don't expect I'll really be able to stick by this schedule every day for a while; my near-term future is pretty nuts-looking.  YES, that means I'm NOT TAKING MY OWN ADVICE about making sure that you can keep the schedule for 3-4 weeks when you first adjust — but remember, as I've said a million times, the rules are different for everybody, and how adjusted you are or have been makes a BIG difference in how it works for you.  I'm arguably a very special case, having been fully adjusted to this schedule for years, and that's definitely informing my decision to try it now, even knowing that it'll have to be imperfect for a little while (a few weeks, I suspect).  Even if I miss days here and there, if I prioritize my naps on other days, I'm pretty confident that I can make Everyman my default schedule again, due to how long I did it before.  

I might be wrong, of course!  But we'll see, now, shan't we?

(OMG using the word shan't is so fun!  Try it today if you haven't in a while!  ;)

Updates coming!


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5 Responses to Contemplating how many times I’ve used “Day 1” as a post title

  1. Mark says:

    Wow, I wish I had your confidence coming into a sleep schedule! It turns that I'm trying to adapt to E3 too, but I've been faced with a challenge.

    I take way too long to get to sleep.

    Before this attempt, I would dismiss this problem with a simple "get more tired!" but I have now found myself not sleeping for any of my naps, and then oversleeping on my core.

    Is there anything you would recommend?

    • puredoxyk says:

      Yup — Unless it’s been weeks already, stick to the schedule and keep trying. It’s totally normal to not be able to fall asleep quickly (or even at all) for naps at first; a few days of not getting any and becoming really tired will cause you to fall asleep faster and fix the problem. (Unless there’s some auxiliary problem, in which case it won’t; then you need to follow the instructions for fixing and tweaking adaptations and naps in the book, which are also on various websites but I don’t have time to find them ATM; sorry! ;)

      Best of luck!!

  2. Jen S says:

    And… by the way… I shall be using shan't in the near future as soon as it seems applicable. 

  3. Jen S says:

    Thank you for the posting about your schedule… I'd love to see more examples of what schedules have worked for you and for others. Trying to learn all that I can as my husband and I realize that we think we need to do this! :D 

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