There’s nothing quite like the feeling of victory over sleep

I am *so* thrilled to be writing this, from five a.m. on the day after a hockey game, having already started the laundry and made tea and puttered.  

I didn't get home from hockey until after 11, and I didn't manage any naps at all yesterday.  (Work making the naps harder has really impacted them, I'm sad to say.  It was hard enough to interrupt my own busy momentum, but now that I have to go to my car…)  Most of my weekend was swallowed by worky things, and what little wasn't happened over Sunday's naps, and on Sunday night I left my alarm (phone) in the car by mistake and passed out for a full 8 hours.  That must have been enough to fuel up, though, because even after a raucous late-night game that had me slinking to bed at midnight, my eyes flew right open at four.

YES!  Now I can write for a while (and do my laundry), and I'll be super motivated to get my nap this afternoon, and nothing's in the way of my evening nap either, so ha!  I've been unable to get in a perfect E3 day since I was sick last week, and it'll be awesome to switch back.

(I will admit, I've gotten quite spoiled on not having to re-adapt anymore.  I'm sure if I went monophasic for long enough I would, but since for the last, what, six times I've tried to "re-adapt" it's just been dropping right into it no problem, with maybe one day of occasional yawning, I'm guessing I've passed some line where I'm in the clear, by and large*.  I wonder if any other polyphasers have experienced this?)

Also, I've switched my breakfasts to salad.  Frontloading the oft-skipped raw-veggie part of the day's food seemed like a good idea, and I've heard it can help with weight loss.  (Do I need to lose any significant weight?  Heck no; I weigh 56kg, which is what I weighed in high school.  But body fat is largely determined by diet, and mine is awfully carb-heavy, and as a result I have all these awesome muscles and you can't really see them.  Would prefer otherwise, as long as I can do it by eating *healthier*, which I need to do anyway.)  A salad, by the way, is really mentally unappealing at 5am; but once you tuck in, it's fine.  Plus you can eat as much of it as you want, which is awesome since my usual breakfast of "a clif bar" was often leaving me feeling hungry still.  (I'm on bowl two now…hockey can also make you wake up a bit short on calories, heh.  Hmm…although, I hope this doesn't leave me craving pancakes for lunch!)

So yeah.  Adore that feeling of winning at sleep.  It's definitely a harder game to win when you're very active — just like eating right is harder when you're an athlete — but I wouldn't give up either, and I feel VERY thankful that I'm allowed, at this time of my life, to pursue both.

Oh yeah, and writing!  I've got this lovely hour to burn, and a story waiting.  ::fluttersigh::


*did you know this was a nautical term?  If you're a word-nut like me, read the Wikipedia page on nautical terminology one of these days…fascinating.

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  1. Anon says:

    Yes, I've definitely seen accounts of people being so adapted it was their default, but I can't recall where, at the moment. Perhaps it was in one of the forums? 

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