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Wow, people — we had about 96,000 unique hits in 2012.  That's not a lot for a blog qua blog, but it is TONS for a weird self-hacking blog that only reaches a few countries.  So THANK YOU, everybody!  That's a cool experience to have.

Much to my irritation, I left the paperwork I need to continue on the Second Edition updates on the East Coast when I came to the Midwest* for the holidays, so precisely nothing has been accomplished on that — and I was so close!  I did get in front of a camera a few times, though, and that was on my list of things to do for that project, filed under "Cameras Seem To Hate Me, But Gee It'd Be Nice To Have An Author Photo".  We'll see.

But the Second Edition is two exciting things right now:

  • About 75% of the way completed, and
  • WAY more new material and cool additions than I remembered putting in there

I'm still holding out hope that someone will write me ONE MORE TESTIMONIAL, because the number I have really isn't enough on its own, but I'd love to include them.  There's still time!  Very little, but it's there — this really wouldn't take more time than a long email, so if you're at all inclined, pleeeeease indulge your urge for minor fame!!

Random melt:   The snow melted enough in the last few days that I took my favorite Small Person outside and we practiced the HECK out of some longboarding.  We're both surprisingly good at it for our ages, now!  

Less random melt:  Being here* melted my sleep-schedule into slag, and the slag hardened into 6/1 Everyman.  I know that the long drive home is better on Uberman than any other way though (seriously, Uberman is the only way to drive), so in a few days I'll drop back into that for the ride home, and then probably go back to my E3 (with occasional E4.5) which was nice and cozily working out at home.  

Three days until I get back home!  I've loved seeing my family, but gods am I ready to be done with this town.  

*I've decided that "the Midwest" is just too inaccurate a term for the Michigan area to be allowed to stand.  It's in the Eastern time-zone, for Pete's sake; and it's not even really the middle of the country, never mind the middle west.  So, for that and other reasons that I'll leave to the reader, I'm proposing that we just give up and start calling it the Middle East.

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