Snow is warm

Just had a lovely nap…

Went for a walk in the rather warm day-post-snowstorm — snow is an insulator, you know.  Walk fast and find a nice pub, and holy cow that's a good evening out.  Had a great time!

Decided to stop and see the Charles (the river — I've got a thing for rivers).  Found an empty bench just outside Harvard Sq., which someone had helpfully built a snowman next to (as a scarecop, perhaps?).  It was soooooo pretty.  Whoosh of cars across the way, everything else muted by snow.

It was naptime, yes.  I had figured I'd miss my evening one due to the long wintery hike, but….


Woke up just as I got chilly.

Felt *wonderful*.

Highly recommend naps in the snow!


P.S. Also highly recommend scrambling over snowbanks whenever they're in your way, and flopping over to make snow-angels in very manicured front lawns.  Laughing maniacally while doing any of those things helps a lot, I should add.  ::grin::

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