Buried, good and bad

Dear world, I am The Buried One.

I am the buried-in-work one…being a freelancer is a TON of work, and it never stops!  Good thing it's work I genuinely love, and here's hoping that someday it also makes more than "barely enough" money — that would be a nice bonus.  ;)  On the (huge! omg!) upside, the Second Edition of Ubersleep is in the very-final-edits phase…all I really have to do now is make the cover photo happen and WHAM!  Poof!  Done!

I am the buried-in-snow one…yet another New England snowstorm this weekend…sheesh!  Springtime can come aaaaany day now…

I am the buried-in-my-chest one…I need to do a video or another post on this, but my continued efforts to dig into my body as a way of prioritizing window-consciousness over psychology-consciousness has unearthed some surprising truths about…martial arts!  Turns out there's a "how" — a differentiation of ways to be "in the body" — that hadn't really occurred to me until I started trying it all the time; and now that I see the difference, it's been amazing to play with consciousness in different areas, especially the chest and abdomen.  Definitely not a lesson I expected to be learning, but to say that it's useful as a martial artist is an insane understatement.  It's also, so far, useful as a singer, a swimmer/apneist, a compassionate friend/family-member, a sleeper, a lover, and a communicator.

And I am the buried-in-blankets one…it's almost midnight, I have just come from hockey and have taiji early in the morning, I missed my evening nap due to a business call, and I can feel the ides of winter pushing me into the warmth of my super-comfy couch-that-is-also-my-bed.  (Because as a serial napper and someone who hates spending more than ~4h at a time horizontal, I decided that having a huge piece of real estate dedicated solely to sleeping was silly.  So I have an extra-comfy couch with extra blankets now, and that suits me lovely.)

Best to everyone!  More / real content soon!


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