very small excitements

Wise people who talk about enlightened lives often mention that people who've really got it figured out attain a sort of hobbit-like "plainness" to their lives; that they are, in Yoda's terms, freed of the need to seek adventure and excitement.  This makes sense as a side-effect of being freed of misplaced desires — the misplaced desires, ones that are really not about achieving that thing, but rather about cranking the volume to drown out the Psychology are often the more flamboyant, precisely because they are trying to fill a gap that's not really about that thing.  (i.e. if I want to move because I want to move, then I'll just move; but if I want to move because I'm fleeing the pain of my fractured thinking, I'm a lot more likely to move on short notice, in a damaging / crazy way, or to somewhere more extreme than I'll actually enjoy.)

The flipside of this, I think, is that when the Psychology is off, real, "plain" life becomes a lot more exciting, interesting and enriching.  So even if, like me, the idea of "slowing down" or "appreciating little things" generally gives you hives, you can relax — enlightenment could not, according to any of my studies, possibly be boring.  The Window programs are pretty fascinating when you're really paying attention to them!

And all of that is worth writing if only to help bolster my determination not to be upset at having had a somewhat boring day — aaallll of my plans got canceled, and I managed to replace them with some pool-training but that was it, other than work.  I have a really hard time when there's nothing holding my schedule together, especially when I wasn't planning on it.  This is definitely because my confidence wavers without the ready scaffolding of Things To Accomplish.  Well, so much for that today — instead, I will hail the awesomeness of two very mildly exciting things:

One is a bunch of pictures of awesome tiny homes.  I'd *love* to live in something like this one day.  Happy in my apartment in Boston for now, but some day!

Two is having modded my desk so that I can stand at it — this is a great boredom-and-antsiness killer!  Standing while I work, with music on that keeps me moving a little bit, is soooo much better for the mood than sitting.

Any little exciting things in your world?  Take a second to appreciate them!

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