The Sun-God Narrows His Eyes

Here's a great find recommended to me (and all polyphasic sleepers) by one of my co-presenters at Penguicon, the very well-mannered and well-researched Neil Funk.

I've used it for several weeks now and WOW, what a difference.  F.lux runs in the background, and on my machine uses next to no resources and has never caused any conflict or problems.

What it does is adjust the "temperature" of the colors on your screen — making them look less blue and more orange.  You tell it a "daytime" and a "night-time" setting, and it switches them at sunset and sunrise automatically.

Two things:  Bluer light makes your eyes more tired.  And temperature is something that you adjust to remarkably quickly — within a day, I had to try to see the difference; and after a week I turned f.lux off and found the resulting color blinding and unbearable.

My eyes have been less tired by a good measure overall since I got this software, and I'm calling it a great find for polyphasers everywhere!

f.lux: software to make your life better.

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5 Responses to The Sun-God Narrows His Eyes

  1. Jerry says:

    PD, new science has found a direct link between depression and out-of-sync circadian rhythms. The link, according to the researchers, goes all the way down to the cellular level.

    Why is this germane to the topic of polyphasic sleep? you might ask.

    Well, I'd noticed that every single one of the successful Uberman was a natural-born night owl–and almost all also struggled with depression–so I think that the ability to adapt to Uberman might be wholly genetic.

  2. Chris|cC says:

    Also blue light blocks melatonin production, so if you want to get good REM, it's pretty good to filter out as much blue light as possible 1-2 hours before you go to bed :)

  3. darkapplepolisher says:

    If I understand correctly, there's no way to set up a custom pattern for polyphase, for example, making it put up night night colours 30 minutes before a scheduled nap. It still can be used manually by adjusting the lighting sliders for both day/night for sleep/waking periods accordingly.

    Wonder if enough interest from the polyphase community would be enough to encourage the developer to put in native support for customization like that, or perhaps someone throwing together a 3rd party solution.

  4. Fadeway says:

    F.lux is great, but a word of warning: abstain from it during adaptation. The bright blue light of the monitor helps fight the graveyard hours; one of the last things you want is a soothing soft red that makes you sleepy when you're already fighting to stay conscious.

    • puredoxyk says:

      You could abstain; or simply move the slider a bit more towards the blue end, sure. ¬†It’s true that blue light limits the production of melatonin and makes you feel less sleepy, and that could definitely be helpful for some people during adaptation — but it’s a slow process, and worth balancing against your eye-strain (especially if it’s bothering you) — other things can keep you awake too. ¬†Thanks!

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