Nonmelodic laser bats

This has been out a little while, but I just got around to watching it, and HOLY CRAP MY FAVORITE MUSIC THING EVER.

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So, A) I'm in love with that girl.  Seriously.  If you know her, please deliver her fondly this piece of my ear.

B) I've studied music a ton, especially in the context of piano, and experimentality in the context of literature, and holy shit yes all of these things.  This makes me want to do SO MUCH.  (And wish that I had the skillz to turn them into videos, but I guess we can't all be so blessed.)



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2 Responses to Nonmelodic laser bats

  1. Sorcerer88 says:

    ps&sup2;: anyone else found this video slightly depressing beside crazy awesome? i'm scolding myself for not listening to more modern music. And this whole "everything is just a pattern/shape" thing is very familiar to me and always leaves a sense of lack of meaning to me.

    “How marvelously lucid this is!”— but: “Stop! I cannot think this fast! Or rather I cannot grow this fast!”
    Sontag, Susan. Reborn: Early Diaries 1947-1963 (p. 6). Penguin Books Ltd. Kindle Edition.

  2. Sorcerer88 says:

    Oh wow. I just came back from a trip with tons of stuff to do and tons of videos to watch, but i couldn't stop watching this video once it started.I'm an amateur pianist, playing since 13 years, and i've never really played a modern piece (tried some and listened to a lot though), now i find it long overdue.

    Makes me more interested in Schoenberg and Stravinsky again as well. This girl is crazy creative, intelligent and wise, thanks for sharing! Patterns *_*

    ps: i knew Derrida's Death of the author before the video, YAY :D

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