Ten Things I’ve Done

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Scalzi's doing a thing I thought I might jump in on (and you totally should too, if you want!) — Ten Things I've Done That You (Probably) Haven't.  This was a fun list to write!

1.  Almost died one random day from a sudden rupture in my guts.  Happened completely out of nowhere; I was 23.  I barely made it to the hospital in time, and had emergency surgery that left me with 250+ stitches in my stomach and a few less organs.  (Note to self:  Never ask the Universe to better help you understand "memento mori", amiright? ;)

2.  Shot a fish on breath-hold under fifty feet of water (and took it home and ate it)

3.  Free-solo'd a thousand-foot cliff face to see the Anasazi ruins at the top (Note: this was stupid, my first adventure climbing, and I don't recommend free-soloing to anyone!  I climb with ropes now that I know what I'm doing.)

4.  Lived on the Uberman schedule for six months?  I mean, I had to put that, right?  ;)

5.  Spent 22 hours in labor…not really recommending that one, heh

6.  Road-tripped almost the entire length of Route 66 (which bisects the U.S. longways) on a motorcycle

7.  Studied under a Shaolin monk

8.  Had my tongue pierced

9.  Urban-explored my way from the sub-basement all the way to the very top (not just the fourteenth floor or the roof, but the top of the ladder on the smokestack on the roof) of the famous abandoned train station in Detroit

10.  Presented a paper to an audience of PhDs when I was an undergrad (and I should add that irrespective of everything else on this list, I still get heart palpitations when I remember this one!!)


Okay, seriously, that was super fun.  We all know Scalzi's a genius, so I guess it doesn't bear repeating; but do make up your own list, whether you post it there, here, on your own page, or nowhere!

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