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(No post could ever actually express the gratitude I feel for my Sifus and what they've taught me.  This one is just meant to nerd out.  Though…it might be a good time to say Wow, am I grateful for the classes I've been able to teach lately…they've taught me SO much; it's incredible.  I'm super fortunate to be allowed to share those lessons with such awesome people!)

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Word addict, kungfu/taiji nut, and life-partner to polyphasic sleep. Rabid fan of as many hobbies as the world will let me pry into its piddly fourth dimension (it helps to have knocked out the wall).
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  1. SM says:

    Hi PD,

    this may not be the best place to ask this question but it's really urgent and I hope you don't mind me asking it here. I decided to go on Polyphasic sleep and I need to adapt within 28 days exactly. I'm going for Everyman 3 and the thing is, with my schedule, in 28 days exactly, I have an exam(from 18:00pm to 20:00pm) during my nap time. Could that affect me or my exam if I miss this nap? Or will it be pssible to have the nap a little bit before? Here is my preferred schedule:

    00:00 – 3:00am Core Sleep
    7.30am – 7.50am Nap 1
    12.50 : 13:10pm Nap 2
    18:10 – 18:30 Nap 3 <- Exam clash


    Now I have another schedule but this one will give me less time for social activities after 10.30pm:

    22:30pm – 1:30am Core Sleep
    6:30am – 6:50am Nap 1
    12.10 – 12:40pm Nap 2
    17:40 – 18:00pm Nap 3 <- Exam clash


    Finally this is my other schedule but it has a little less than 5 hours between my core and nap 1:

    23:30pm – 2:30am Core Sleep
    7.20 am – 7:40 am Nap 1
    12:40 – 12:50 pm Nap 2
    17:50pm – 18:10 pm Nap 3 <- Exam clash


    The thing is, with any combination I want, there will always be a clash with the exam. And I'm not sure if 28 days will be enough to adapt to E3.

    I was thinking of doing Uberman for this week and fall back to E3 as from Saturday. Would that be better?


    Now regarding SWS and REM sleep. I read that it's better to sleep at night to get a max of SWS. By coincidence, my schedule fit that, but I wanted to know the benefits of SWS compared to REM. From what I read, REM is more important in consolidation of memories and this would be a plus for me if I got more.


    I look forward to your reply.

    Thanks in advance.


    • puredoxyk says:

      Hi SM,

      You’ll probably be a bit tired from missing your usual nap, but as long as you haven’t completely blown your adaptation (by oversleeping, not keeping to the schedule, etc.) then you should be over the worst of it by then.  Everyman adaptations can drag on a bit, but they’re not as severe in terms of sleep-dep symptoms as the shorter Uberman adaptations are.  Nearly a month in, you should be feeling good most of the time, and able to recover your schedule after moving a nap without too much trouble.

      Of course, if the exam is important, then either make darn sure not to screw up your adaptation, or if you do, then quit your Everyman attempt and give yourself at least a few days to rest up before the test.  You don’t want to oversleep a bunch and then still be in the middle of really bad sleep-dep when the exam comes around!



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