Everyman Cake / Salaryman + Group Adjustment #1 Details

Hey world! I've been meaning to get more of these details out to everyone, but signing up more than 20 people so far has meant a lot of conversing! :D

Behold, information:

The start date is about 85% set for the first week of September.  So far this is amenable to everyone, and I want to be finished with my transitioning before it gets cold out at night.  

There is still time to sign up if you're interested in being part of this group adaptation — but not much!  See below for more on what it means to be involved.

The schedule I'm adapting to (first) is a variant of Everyman 1.5 (E1.5), which usually involves a 90-minute core nap and four or five naps (depending on your sleep need).  I've done E1.5 with four naps for a day or two at a time before, but it's never been my main schedule.  Now I hope to use it as the basis of a schedule with less total sleep-time than Everyman 3, but which can still be used with an inflexible 8-hour workday.  If it works, I'm going to push farther and see if it can be used as the basis for a work-friendly full-on Uberman schedule.

(Good question:  Why not just stick with Everyman 3, which I know works for me and fits around my job?  Two reasons:  One, E3 is a tad *too* flexible; especially since I'm now so used to swapping 3, 4.5 and 6-hour cores, it's too easy for me to not get my naps when it's inconvenient.  Two, I've been hearing about jobs and polyphasic sleep so much for so long, and specifically how those of us who love Uberman wish we could have it back even though we need to work; I feel like I should give it a serious shot.)

Everyman Cake (E1.5C)

A quasi-polyphasic (in Stampi's terminology) schedule involving one 90-minute nap and four (optionally five) 20-minute naps per 24 hours, for a total of 2.75 (or 3.25) hours of sleep per 24.  This variant involves naps that are deliberately unequally-spaced from each other, widened apart over the sleeper's work-schedule to allow for six (or possibly more?) consecutive hours awake.  For the experiment to proof-of-concept this schedule, I'm also putting in one flexible nap, which is typically tolerated by E1.5.  (Note:  Many people swear that Uberman can tolerate a flexible nap too, once one is thoroughly adjusted to it.  I've never tried that, but maybe I will later on in this experiment, with Salaryman.)

I called it Everyman Cake because:

  • it's a blatant attempt to "have your cake and eat it too":  One of the biggest, and perhaps defining, benefits of monophasic sleep is the ability to stay awake for so many hours straight — smart people have theorized that it's why we developed mono sleep in the first place, and may even be the whole explanation for why we do monophasic sleep but the vast majority of other animals don't.  (Most animals are polyphasic, as are people when we're born.)  When you're polyphasic you have to sleep more often — that's kind of the point, and it's also the price to getting the benefits of repeated rest-activity cycles per day…
  • …but maybe if we're cagey about how we "slice the cake," i.e. if we make our bigger chunks happen at times when our energy is highest, taking advantage of the circadian rhythm's effect on the ultradian one(s) as well as the usual vice-versa, we can manage a schedule that has the benefits of polyphasic sleep (reduced overall sleep, excellent energy-levels, etc) but still keeps monophasic's I-can-stay-awake-a-while benefit.
  • also I am wishfully thinking that maybe it'll be a piece of cake, because I need that kind of psyching-up right now; and perhaps also I have this weird relationship to cake since I developed a wheat allergy.  Or the band is nifty.  I dunno; for some reason I like the word.  As you probably know by now, this is largely how I name things.  ;)

Here's what the Cake schedule I've roughed up looks like:

naptime time  since previous nap
02:30 – 04:00 3.5 hours
07:00 3 hours
13:00 5 hours
19:00 5-7 hours*
23:00 2-4 hours

The *flexible nap in the evening is typically where my rest/activity rhythm is the most "unstable", or likely to be different by an hour or more every day; and it's also in a part of the day when I've often scheduled something I don't want to miss but that means a challenging nap.  There are plenty of things I can do to address the reasons that nap is challenging, though — we'll discuss them in the group.  You can see that the naps during the day, specifically during my high-energy hours in the late morning and early evening, are farther apart by quite a bit (and one is flexible, because as a schedule with a core this should buy us a flexible nap, and most work-schedules need one).  Keep in mind that I know my daily energy/activity rhythms very well and that's how I built this schedule.  I'm happy to help other group-members come up with a schedule that matches theirs, if that's useful.

If E1.5C works, I plan to (once I'm nice and adjusted) try replacing the core with two naps, thus hopefully winding up with a version of Uberman (pure polyphasic) that fits around an 8-hour job — kind of a holy grail for me!  I'm calling that schedule Salaryman, because I am incorrigible sometimes.

So let's talk more about what being in this Adjustment / Experiment group means:

You do NOT have to be transitioning to E1.5C, or Salaryman, to join up.  You are totally welcome to help me test these schedules (if you have experience being polyphasic, since I really think new polyphasers should start with known schedules — we aren't positive these will work at all!), but you don't actually have to be transitioning at all, though the group might be more helpful for you if you are.  But if you just really want to be part of this experiment and have another schedule in mind, or don't actually want to change your own sleep-schedule at all, sure; we could use all the help we can get!  

The group exists because:

  • My own task-list is full to overflowing, but there are a million cool things that could really advance polyphasic sleep which could come out of this adaptation.  I know I can't take advantage of them all, or do them all justice; but I also know that there are many other people out there who are interested in some angle of polyphasic sleeping, who could both help and benefit from what we're doing.  People with skills like research, data-visualization, web dev, scripting / coding, video-making, etc. will all be super handy and treated like minor deities in exchange for their assistance.  :)
  • Group adaptations are much easier in several ways that I think we all know — people to be around, to call when you need them, and to keep you honest and on-track are super valuable during any difficult life-transition, sleep schedule modifications included.  I both would like this help, and think I'd be good at providing it to others.  Plus as someone with both a huge long interest in polyphasic sleep, and a career in management, I'd like to try leading one.  (Don't worry, I'm an awesome manager. :D)
  • I want feedback on testing and data-gathering, on what information could be useful to have (both for science and for practical purposes, i.e. other people who want to transition) and how to get it, collate it, and display it; and this is not my forte normally, nor something that I have time to delve into.  I'm hoping others in the group can make it happen.  (We already have a few really useful brains signed up — yay!)

Being in the group will involve:

  • Getting access to a chat room, email list, video hangouts, google docs and forms, and stuff of that ilk that we're just going to keep closed to the group for now.  Members are encouraged to firehose the group with absolutely anything at all that seems like a good idea at the time; we can't have *too* much data to use later, and having fun is definitely a priority too!  I personally go all grey and slimy if I don't get regular silliness.  Help setting up and maintaining these resources is encouraged!
  • Pretty much endless advice and help scheduling, transitioning, tweaking, rejuvenating your love-life, holding your breath for four minutes, and ummm pretty much everything.  The group is there to support each other, and I for one will be as available as I can to everyone for at least a month.  (The actual group will probably continue longer, but after about four weeks we'll let people opt out of further data-collecting and tasks, probably.  The details of how long and what will be up to the group as a whole, I think.)
  • Telling the group what you need or would like as far as helpful contact, information, buddy-systeming, etc., and hooking up with group-members in whatever ways are helpful so that everybody can support, encourage and be awesome to each other.
  • There will be a task-list of things we can do to improve the quality of data we're generating about polyphasic adaptations, to help make transitioning easier or more fun for group-members, and to get our data into useful, shareable formats.  Everyone in the group will be expected to take at least a few of those tasks and make them happen (and if you come up with more / ideas for how to collate and use our data to benefit current and future polyphasers, that's excellent — the more brains on it, the better!).  I'll make and maintain the task list because I'm kind of kickass at that.  ;)  It also means you'll have a secondary BFL (curated by a professional no less) to rely on!   
  • Giving feedback will be suuuuuuper important — about how you feel, challenges to your transition, and how being in the group helped or didn't help you.  
  • Not being a shithead is a gating factor for inclusion and continued inclusion in the group.  People transitioning may get tired and snappy at times, but NBAS means you get back on and apologize and try to make it up to everyone and move on, and I expect to see 100% excellent behavior from everyone, or we won't be seeing that person again.  It'll be a democratic group in terms of what projects and ideas we pursue and how we assign/share tasks, but when it comes to shittiness I will hold the banhammer and I will swing it with my usual this-part-is-not-a-discussion efficiency, for the comfort of the group and success of the project as a whole.
  • YES IT'S FREE, though there may be apps or resources that we decide as a group everybody should get — if there are, we'll make sure they're cheap.  And hey, it's possible that maybe I won't personally help groups transition for free forever, so who knows, you could be getting a deal.  ::big hopeful grin::

Other True Facts About The Group that may interest you:

–  I'm seriously looking at possible code to help visualize our data in a way that other polyphasers could then use (inputting their own data and comparing their results with the data collected so far)

–  I'm in contact with some researchers about how to share out, and possibly publish, the information we get from this

–  If it works really well, I'm very interested in doing it again, possibly as a regular or rotating thing, to bring small groups together and help them help each other change their sleep-schedules.  I'm very interested lately in bringing polyphasic sleep out of the "FOR INSANE DA VINCI TYPES ONLY" stall and giving it some air in the main corral; I think that it's specious and wrong to assume that one schedule is going to work for everybody, and that we (I) should be working on ways to help everyone understand that sleep modification is possible, and help them do it if it will improve their life.  This is all future stuff, but it's on my mind and I will welcome feedback about it from the group.

IF YOU WANT IN, YOU CAN STILL SIGN UP UNTIL ABOUT AUGUST 1:  After that point, we'll start collecting information and setting things up that would make adding people disruptive; plus I want everyone who's changing sleep-schedules to have at least a month to prepare.  All you need to do to sign up (for now) is send me your email address, either in a comment, email, tweet, whatever.

Have a great day, everyone!

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29 Responses to Everyman Cake / Salaryman + Group Adjustment #1 Details

  1. Steve says:

    While I am probably to late to join, I am curious about how the ecake adaption went.

  2. Sorcerer88 says:

    I’d love to still join, too! I have a bit of experience with E3 and will try that again. The thing i’d most wish for is calling each other (in Skype etc) and making sure one is awake in pairs or in groups. That adds social duty dynamics and motivation to the transition. Also have some coding skills. Anyways, let’s do this!

    • puredoxyk says:

      Sounds great; I’d be glad to have you!  I’m completely in agreement on the Skype-calls thing.  Let’s do it!

      • Leif Olsson says:

        I’m also in favor of Skype calls. Being face to face with another wide awake person is amazing for triggering those “shouldn’t really be sleeping now” social cues.

  3. Dylan Ashcraft says:

    Hi, I’d love to join. I’ve been waiting for awhile to jump out of a mono sleep phase and have been working on bi-phase and getting used to naps. I want to become dedicated in a poly-phase and your propositions for some polyphonic sleep cycles sound promising to try out.

    Please sign me up!

  4. Aron Tai says:

    Is it too late to join?

  5. Nicole says:

    I have a little bit experience with dymaxion (1month,I know dymaxion is a bit extreme) and I am re-adapting to it.

    • puredoxyk says:

      Hi Nicole, I’m not sure if you’re asking to be included in the group adaptation or not, but space is running out fast, so please clarifyasap.  Also, keep in mind that you’ll be expected to help out if you join — this isn’t just a group for *getting* help (those tend to cost money ;) — this is for helping participate in a group experiment.  If you’d like to be in, please let me know by tomorrow!

  6. Jerry says:

    If you still have space, I’d like to join in. I’m currently a few days into E4.5, and I might be able to try transitioning to E3 at the start of September. I’ve been trying polyphasic sleep by myself on and off for the past few years, maybe having a group will help it stick.

    • puredoxyk says:

      Hi Jerry!  We’re seriously running *out* of space, hah — but I’m closing the signups tomorrow, so sure, come on in!  I’ve put you on the list.

  7. caffaxoxo says:

    Hi ;) I’ll love to be part of this sleep experiment (I’m currently trying to adapt to E3) my email is wangyeelin@gmail.com

  8. Josh says:

    Sign me up!I’m currently on an E3 schedule after a failed uberman attempt, its been about a month and I feel mostly adjusted but some days I randomly feel like crap.. I plan on maybe trying Ecake depending on how it goes for other people, If not I would like to retry uberman.

  9. Alexey says:

    Puredoxyk, please count me in! Can you see my email from the comment?

    I am based in London, UK and have tried Everyman 3 adaptation two months ago for couple of weeks. It kind of worked but then I stopped as I focused on muscle building, which does not work very well with sleep deprivation (according to science.)

    I am ready to re-adapt again to Everyman 3 from first week of september. Working in finance is demanding so I can only have one intra-day nap around lunch time and that should be flixible, plus/minus an hour. Polyphasic sleep kind of worked for me as I got myself off coffee completely about six months ago so I actually feel my natural rhythms, which helps enourmously with nap placement and falling asleep the minute I start the nap/core.

    Kind Regards,

  10. jubi says:

    id love to be a part of the sleep experiment tho I have tried to contact you through email and i am getting postmaster delivery failure reply’s back. Please sign me up :)

  11. Leif Olsson says:

    I’m in, just tell me where to sign. I’m working on an total conversion of the Zeo Mobile Android app right now (and by working on I mean still learning Java and XML but I have a really pretty UI done and all the algorithms written out in plain English) that’ll among other things have a functional, more accurate SmartWake feature and a dedicated “WAKE ME UP/DON’T LET ME FALL ASLEEP” button on the home screen, plus the ability to lock its options away from the clever self-sabotage of the sleep-deprived mind. If I get that done by September I’ll share it with everyone. I’m between jobs and likely will be for a while at this rate so I’m tentatively going Uberman – as such, I’ll be more than happy to provide wake-up calls to anyone who would trust me with their number.

    • Leif Olsson says:

      Did I do it right? Just want to make sure I’m on the list. Where will this group communicate?

      • puredoxyk says:

        Hi Lief — Yup, I’ve got you!  You did great.  ;)  I’m going to send an email to the whole group sometime around August 1, and we’ll decide how to communicate then, though my expectation is some combination of emails and Google chat / hangouts / docs internally, with FB and blog posts (etc) facing outward.  Thanks!

  12. I will bite. My projects are not at a stage where I can afford to be on less than full thrusters, so I won’t be transitioning with you, but I do have polyphasic experience and I may be able to help out with data analysis.

    • puredoxyk says:

      Woohoo!  Excited to have you, Sharif.  I’m more than a little concerned about operating on a few less cylinders that usual myself, and am not sure where I want to land on the [get it over with]< -->[avoid completely zombying] scale….but my projects have outgrown my chronobiological pants something terrible, and I guess when you’re up against a wall, you find a way!

      More for you soon, and thanks!

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