Random Woah (title caps edition)

Today I randomly figured out that using capitalized passive verbs without subjects* is an elegant and simple way to write a phrase like "our God-given lives" in such a way that it fits with my spiritual understanding (I'm not a theist, if you weren't aware).

Thus:  We practice gratitude daily for our Given lives.  

…and that's how everything was Created.

Yesterday my beloved pet was Killed.

I prayed, I fasted, I meditated, and then one day I finally Beheld.


…I really like that; it's fun and it puts just the right amount of tiny-but-fundamental twist on the usual.  It may be uncomfortable, but that's a positive thing as well, IMO:  Focusing on the Doing (and its Ideal / Wholistic / Proper nature) and removing our ability to androgynize the doer is a huge step in the right direction, which is 90 degrees from trying to "give" "It" a "name".


::blink blink::  It's only 5am?  Holy crap have I been productive this morning.  …Huh, I woke up slightly *before* 4am today, too, and didn't go back to sleep even though I could have; and I seem to have a lot of energy.  Some of that is doubtless due to this wicked cold finally letting go of me more and more the last few days (not fully gone but yay, getting there — though on the downside, yesterday my partner caught it D:) … but maybe I should also look into a 3:45am wake-time, just to try it out?

*I know verbs without objects are intransitive verbs; do we have a different word for verbs without subjects?  

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