We attract what we need…

…So apparently I needed a new writing-project?

Trick question:  It is categorically always true that I need a new writing project.  However, in this case, I *did* need a new publishing project.  I have all this cool fiction going on, and plans to have a novel draft ready for publication by Feb 2019, and I haven't published anything, really, since the Second Edition of Ubersleep!  There are a lot of skills there I could stand to work on, in advance of trying them out on my novel.  To practice the writing as much as I do, and then practice nothing about the publishing work that I know will be on me to do as well, seems silly. 

Once again, I solve the problems of being busy by doing more things…hey, when it stops working, I'll stop doing it!  ;)

I need something that can be completed by year-end — the holidays are a great launch-time and I should have a slow few weeks at work to do the push/brunt of it, I hope.  So I asked myself, and some of you, what's the most useful thing I could answer in a reasonably-sized e-book?

The thing that immediately jumped out was how to pick a sleep schedule.  Like, the fact that there are options, and not just weird uberman ones but even just biphasic or other arrangements, actually doesn't occur to a lot of people; and when it does, their next question is almost always "how do I pick one? and then what?"  I hear that question more than any other, from every source.  

And I've only answered it spottily, so far, in individual conversations and a few pieces on whether polyphasism is compatible for X people.  Ubersleep-the-book is mostly about the personal-experimentation and adaptation process — because that's definitely what I got familiar with first, mostly on my own.  But since I began talking to people about it, and trying to help them have something like the success I've had (in being a zillion times more rested and happy since I found an "alternative" sleep schedule (or two or three…) that works for me), I've gotten a ton more experienced with just that:  Finding one that works, or at least works better than ones than don't work at all.  It's a crucial step in the process, and for some it gets done unconcsciously or mostly automatically; but for many more people, knowing what to ask and how to interpret the results would be game-changers, I think.

Probably all of you reading this know this already, because I've talked to so many of you about it!  You've watched and helped while I flailed around and tried schedules, and I've listened and maybe occasionally helped while you've done the same.

I think it's time for a write-up on finding your well-rested schedule.  (That's my tentative subtitle for it.  Title is a secret for now!)  It's going to be an amazing ride, trying to keep everything I want to say about HOW this is possible, WHY it's important and WHAT we can do about sleep, in under a novel-length!  …But I'm game.  If it gets too sticky, I'll resort to poetry.  

(In all seriousness though, I'm using this as an opportunity to flex my editing-chops too — to keep it clear, useful and to the point.  Should be fun!  :D)

If you want to hear all the details — and have access to all the free offers and bribes that come with a publication/launch! — then make sure you're signed up for the mailing list!  (There's a sign-up box in the upper right corner.)  I'll put some of the offers on this site too of course, but the mailing list people, as is Earth custom, will get some exclusives.

More soon!  Wish me luck — I'm enjoying my new life of crazy word-count goals, at least so far.  And I'm excited to have something not-the-novel to write too, that I can talk about more…the novel doesn't really brook discussion about it until it's done, unlike this fun little project, which I'm actually *expected* to talk about as part of getting it done.

Best to everyone and Happy Near Halloween!

(P.S. There will most definitely be a Halloween Story this year.  It's been too long since I've done one!)


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2 Responses to We attract what we need…

  1. Hi Puredoxyk!

    Awesome to see you writing about sleep cycles and sleep schedules, I would like to propose another angle of incidence on your book :) How do you feel/look to other devices/stimulants towards feeling rested and to sleep well?

    Personally, I do not believe in medication(drugs) as a solution but I do believe in the use of different devices to enhance your sleep (Earphones, smart matrasses and robots).

    I will be following your blog as it has great content, so thanks for that in advance!



    • puredoxyk says:

      Cheers, Hylke! Thanks for the great comment. I too avoid sleep-drugs — I’m sure they can have good uses, but IMO strong drugs should be a last resort, and sleep has lots of better angles to explore. Devices, code and “robots” are all things that could help! Frankly, my strongest preference is for OPTIONS, more options for everybody :D

      I haven’t yet met a smart mattress, sleep app or fancy face-mask thing that I thought was really special or added anything to sleep for me (or maybe I’m just spoiled, after having my whole sleep-world rocked by…The Nap ;)) — but I’m all about innovation and new ideas. If you find any things you really like, do let me know about them!


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