About Me

There's a lot that people can want from an "about me" page, so in the usual fashion I've tried to address everything, and hopefully not made too much of a spaghetti of it.  Here goes…

If you want to contact me, the best way is by email, at [puredoxyk]at[gmail].  Please forgive me if I don't answer your email right away, but I do answer all of my email eventually, and I will get to yours as soon as I can. You can also use the widget on this site, or any means you like, to send me a message with Twitter (@puredoxyk).

The nickname, by the way, is just a bunch of letters I happened to decide I liked years ago — possibly because I have a logical obsession with paradoxes, and am continually zonked at how many of them I find in my own head.  Puredoxyk is one of about five pseudonyms I like to write under — which is inconvenient I know, but people who love words tend to get addicted to names too.  To keep things at least somewhat neat, I do all the polyphasic stuff under Puredoxyk.  My "real" name is Marie, and the nickname most of my friends call me by is Kallisti.  I'll happily answer to whatever, especially if it sounds cool.  

Here, in deference to the title of this page, are some things about me:

  • I have a philosophy degree — not a big one, like a doctorate, but I'm really quite good at it.  (In fact it seems to be part of my firmware design that I'm really good at things which do not make money.  :D)
  • I'm a student of traditional Chinese kungfu and taiji; I've been studying taiji and kungfu, with a focus on internal arts, for about ten years.  I'm starting to get into teaching now, and I'm really excited about it!  You can follow the teaching-related stuff, if you're so inclined, at http://www.yieldandovercome.com.
  • I've been a polyphasic sleeper since June 2006 (currently Everyman, though with lots of experimentation of other schedules too).  I was one of the first people to successfully adopt the Uberman Sleep Schedule in 2000 (its name is also my fault ;).
  • I have…strong views on Detroit. I spent a few years doing Foreclosure Prevention counseling in Michigan, before moving to Boston to escape the economic crapgasm; and I lived in or near the D for most of my life.  I tend to side with Slim Shady on not having enough middle fingers to encompass both how I feel about it, and how I feel about people who diss it without having the faintest idea what it's really like there.
  • I've gone a whole winter without shoes, and would do it again.
  • I've worked in technology for almost two decades, and have done a lot of research on copyright / IP issues, as well as consumer law and technological innovation and the way companies and technologists treat each other.  Again:  Beware, opinions. :)
  • I believe in uncompromising loyalty to the truth of who you are, and I believe that this truth, if you know it, will actually set you free.  To say that another way, I think enlightenment is a psychological condition that's possible to experience given the right path of learning and development.  I sometimes break down and make YouTube videos about this topic.

Here are some random things about me, because aren't those really the core of how we get to know people?  :P

  • Sometimes I scream back at the television, radio, or sky.  I think playing a passive role is largely a choice:  Even if the other side's not listening, you can still remind yourself that part of your place is to speak.  
  • Similarly, you can love things and people from your own heart and for your own fulfillment, without needing them to give anything back — love itself has its own rewards.  I try to love because I want to experience it, not because I want something in return.
  • I love, with a life-bending passion, words and the energy they're capable of gathering and holding.  I consider brilliant writer/poet/singer/screamers minor deities for channeling this sacred thing, and I think bland or stupid copy should be excised from any good experience of life. 
  • I play underwater hockey.  I love it.  WHO NEEDS AIR GO GET THE PUCK.  ;)
  • I make chainmail jewelry when I need something meaningless to do (it's meaningless because I don't wear jewelry; but I enjoy making it anyway, especially the chains).
  • I'm not a half-bad singer/screamer myself, though I've been painfully shy about it most of my life.  Recently I've gotten a little less shy, though.  
  • I take "memento mori" very seriously — I think daily about how I could croak at any moment, and that what determines how good my life is is how full my experience of *right now* is.
  • I have a history of seveeeeeere clinical depression since childhood, but have successfully treated it without medication for more than a decade now.  (Note that I didn't say it's "untreated" — just treated without pills.)  I also have mentally-ill family members and friends, and family-members and friends who are in the psychology field.  I really really hate mistreatments of the mentally ill, and I often lump modern western treatments into that category.  
  • I love to homebrew, handroll, make from scratch and invent things.  I'm not an engineer, but I love, love, love working with them.  I can't cook much, but I make wicked beer and picklekraut.
  • I grew up Catholic.  I feel that staying Catholic as a woman would have been more than a little like staying in the KKK as an African-American.
  • I am absolutely useless at two things: Playing stringed instruments, and sewing.  My math skills also leave a lot to be desired, though I'm pretty good at theory, and I find it really interesting.

And if you're looking for Some Philosophically Honest and Weird Attempt to Actually Define myself, I can accommodate that too!  Voila:

I'm part mortal, but I don't know which parts exactly. I seem to have a shard of some type of godhood lodged in my body, that tells me beautiful but unprovable things all the time, though sometimes it's really hard to hear. This is because I also have a complex computer running at all times in my head, the output of which can be amazingly noisy. Sometimes I get so caught up in dealing with that machine's chemicals and calculations that I totally forget where I am and what I'm doing, which is strange since ostensibly sensory perception is one of its core functions. Constant recalibration is necessary. All of my parts seem to be housed imperfectly (lots of leaks) in a rather sloppily-constructed but ingeniously designed robot, the maintenance of which can be hell on wheels; but to compensate, it can have orgasms.  I am unable to determine at this time if I am essentially finite or infinite, but strangely, I seem to be able to be okay with either option.  (Is that an argument that I must be infinite?)

And lastly, for those who require visual confirmation that I'm neither male, nor hyperdimensional, nor visibly alien, there are a few pictures on this site, but here are a few more:

Me (Christmas morning, half asleep and unbrushed…)

UWH(Post-underwater-hockey-game, half exhausted and wet…)

And the polyphasic sleeping coup de grace:

Napping on Bucky's Grave

(That's a (not terribly flattering) picture of me pausing for a (fake) nap at Buckminster Fuller's grave, in Mount Auburn cemetary in Boston.  Bucky Fuller is the first long-term polyphaser On Actual Record, if you didn't know; and also Mount Auburn is one of the most beautiful places ever — if you're in the area, go see it!)

(Also, I realize the pictures don't prove I'm not hyperdimensional, but after some consideration I've decided that some things it's okay to leave to faith.  ;)