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Everyman Cake / Salaryman + Group Adjustment #1 Details

Hey world! I've been meaning to get more of these details out to everyone, but signing up more than 20 people so far has meant a lot of conversing! :D Behold, information: The start date is about 85% set for the first week of … Continue reading

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Better faster better more ::clickclickclickclick::

I type fast…but I type a LOT, and anymore I feel like my typing is too slow; especially that having to use both a keyboard and a mouse, and typing in longhand, is costing me too much time. Does anybody … Continue reading

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forty hundred million half-drafted posts.  Wow. Fibonacci spirals.  You know, the ones from the Golden Mean drawings, and snails, and Pythagoras and the typesetting for the Ubersleep book.  :) Ever notice how everything seems to happen in those spirals?  I won't even … Continue reading

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Subject matter

I've not been writing a lot here, lately, because so much of it would be about depression*, and I'm rarely proud of what I write about it when I'm in the middle of dealing with it.  But definitely go read … Continue reading

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Not entirely about Cannonfist

So, I've been kind of loose and flapping about what to do with blog-type postings of stuff lately.  I've lost my organizational thread, I think; there's both too much to put AND too many places to put it.  I have … Continue reading

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On Intro- and Extroversion: Labels Are Dangerous

(I owe the polyphasic community like six hundred updates — sorry guys!  My productivity has been miserable lately, for reasons that have nothing to do with sleep.  Actually, that's one of the posts I need to write:  How being polyphasic … Continue reading

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Polyphasic info: Schedule-borking, No more alarms, and some fun facts on core-nap durations

Ah, the occasional utter borking of the schedule. Do I, either as-me or as-a-polyphaser, do this more often than most people?  I've no idea.  But I definitely do it sometimes.  And the takeaway I usually get from it is that … Continue reading

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