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Apropos of Everything

Defeat, my Defeat, my solitude and my aloofness; You are dearer to me than a thousand triumphs, And sweeter to my heart than all worldglory. Defeat, my Defeat, my self-knowledge and my defiance, Through you I know that I am … Continue reading

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And now a break for beautiful

These layer-lapse videos are pretty impressive!  I'm so glad that Boston got one early, because… …HOLY CRAP I live in a beautiful place!  ::so proud:: Now, go find something beautiful in your own town to admire — and leave me … Continue reading

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The Big Fight

I feel like September's adaptation is shaping up to become a biiiiiig fight.  And maybe not one I can win!  Look at these "gotchas" that might interfere with my own adaptation: unexpectedly (I just found out), I'm moving to a … Continue reading

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Guest Post: The Fruit Politic

Hey all!  A friend of mine wrote this for me, and I thought it was all the best kinds of educational and beautiful, and so I asked him if I could share it with you all.  Thank you, Aatish! THE … Continue reading

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Realizing how big a tree is

One of my favorite perception shifts in this life comes from suddenly realizing how big a tree is. You're walking along, idly thinking or just perceptively assuming that you're passing these giant sticks with branches and big umbrella-tops with leaves, … Continue reading

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Dare you: Got a mnemonic that beats ASS COP NEED?

Mnemonics are supposed to be freaky and strange, ok?  They stick better that way! I can now type "Americae Sive Quartae Orbis Partis Nova Et Exactissima Descriptio" without having to look it up, and as it's the name of one of my favorite … Continue reading

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Now in Color

So, I've been gently, slowly, trying to learn to take pictures that don't suck. They probably still suck. BUT, if you're interested, you can see all of them (and possibly their progression towards nonsuckage!) on Instagram — username chill_marie.  I'll … Continue reading

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