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I totally admit it.

Useful new alarm helps spread addictive new songs

So, I lost my phone the other day — actually kind of a fun napping story/warning itself, because apparently I woke up a little too fuzzily at work, and rolled the phone up in my blanket when I put it … Continue reading

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On the lighter banana

  *roflz!* …Actually the whole site cracked me up.  But I am, after all, a massive nerd.  (Yes, star wars nerd too.  I am, in fact, married to the first man (or woman) to ever beat me at Star Wars … Continue reading

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Arisia 2011, said the totally bland headline

(Yes, sometimes I am allergic to bland titles for things.  Shup.) So, I've never been to a big bustling con before.  I've been to Construct, which is a small (comparatively) relaxacon in SE MI, and run by by my friends … Continue reading

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Losing my diet virginity, one cabbage-leaf at a time.

So, I’m on my very first ever actual calorie-restriction diet.  This is Day Two. I’ve had more fun. However, I probably also never have actually eaten this healthily, if health can be measured in quantities of raw vegetables. Anybody could … Continue reading

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Technology, technology everywhere

Tech Notes from your friendly online blatherer: 1.  I used to really like ScribeFire (a Firefox extension) — it’s easy to call up & get rid of, and great for managing multiple blogs — but after a recent update, it … Continue reading

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I’m in love!!! omg omg omg omg I am overcome with WANT.  I swoon with it!  That is hands-down the best alarm EVER.  You know it.  I know it.  The only question remaining is, can we afford it? Time will … Continue reading

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Wonderful: Across the World & On my Floor

First, from my floor: I didn’t mention it this morning, because okay, once, sure — I fell asleep in my car and forgot to turn my timer on. I wasn’t wearing a watch, so when I woke up, I had … Continue reading

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