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I totally admit it.

Useful new alarm helps spread addictive new songs

So, I lost my phone the other day — actually kind of a fun napping story/warning itself, because apparently I woke up a little too fuzzily at work, and rolled the phone up in my blanket when I put it away, d'oh — and was looking for a good webpage alarm, when I stumbled on the Online Video Clock.  Here's what's cool about it:

  • Lets you pick from a preset list of videos, or anything on YouTube, to wake up by
  • Works entirely in-browser
  • Nice big numbers for glancing at the screen if needed
  • Easy to use once you figure it out:  Push the "Update" button to sync the clocks, and then "+15" or "+30" to automatically tune the alarm to that much later (or just adjust the numbers manually).  Don't forget to push the "SET ALARM" button on the bottom!

So, for instance, if you have the new MC Frontalot video totally stuck in your mind, you can now reward yourself with it as a wake-up call, easy as pie.  Or you could watch that awesome Space Lord / Time Lord mashup yet again; or bump up your mood with Weird Al's Anime Polka; or get inspired to craziness with some parkour.  Tons of possibilities, there — and the nice part about a video is that you won't want to just lay there and listen to it; it virtually screams get up and look at this!

On the lighter banana

Is that a light saber, or a banana, or are you happy to see me?



…Actually the whole site cracked me up.  But I am, after all, a massive nerd.  (Yes, star wars nerd too.  I am, in fact, married to the first man (or woman) to ever beat me at Star Wars Trivial Pursuit.  …He beat me by a lot, too, which is scary.)

Speaking of nerds, does it seem somehow fundamentally unfair that there are nerds today, who are too young to have been nerds before it was at all cool, back when you got beaten up for it?  Sometimes I get Shutup, Whippersnapper-y over that.  It's like not having Paid Your Dues, lol.

Saturday morning.  I slept quite a lot extra, to make up for lost naps during the week (there were quite a few) and the ridiculous whupping I took yesterday in Sanda.  (God was it fun, but ow the Later.)  Got up about 7, worked for a little over an hour (yes, ew Saturday am work, but it's nice to just be able to get things done uninterrupted by meetings and crap for a while), and Hath Surfd.  Today I must needs combine Writing, Stretching (see above about asswhooping), Cleaning (well, loading bookshelves and unearthing/emptying further boxes…it never ends!!) and playing video games.  (Talk about nerd…I bought Final Fantasy VII for the PS3, and am completely loving playing it again.  It's AWESOME, after all.)  And I will get my naps, so my sleep can be back online and humming for Monday.

More srs writings later; I've got 'em half-finished, on the shelf of half-finished things, right next to my novel and Enlightenment.

P.S.  I want a T-Shirt that says "GOP STIGGLING".  Wearing it in public would be SO fun.  (Yes, not just nerd…MOM nerd.)


Arisia 2011, said the totally bland headline

(Yes, sometimes I am allergic to bland titles for things.  Shup.)

So, I've never been to a big bustling con before.  I've been to Construct, which is a small (comparatively) relaxacon in SE MI, and run by by my friends and acquaintances — once.  It was fun, but definitely in the "big party with activities" sort of way.  This was more event-like for sure, and huuuge.

The hotel it was in (in downtown Boston) is beautiful, but they can kiss my ass for the $13/day Internet access.  (Hence the no updates yesterday.)  However, the spiffy shuttle back to South Station for free was a nice addition…even better, the shuttle driver, Andre, is a peace activist with some great ideas, so the ride back was both educational and uplifting.  (Andre's website is awesome!)

I went to several panels…"Leadership in SF/F" was pretty good; the rest were pretty much shit, but I still learned a lot…like, good LORD do people not know how to run a discussion!  I hadn't realized that I knew so much about it, from my limited academic and business experience, but the things I think of as basic — like, have a moderator who has prepared beforehand; have a topics and some subtopic in mind; have panelists who know at least something about the topic; have a clearly defined question-and-answer period — these are apparently a stone cold secret to at least half of the SF/F con world.  The panel on "Time Management for Creative People" was especially awful; not only did the presenters have bare credentials, no preparation and no organization, but they spent half the panel throwing doofy wishful thinking bullshit at people, probably leaving some of them feeling like they were at fault for their struggle to find time and energy for their creative endeavors (due to their horrible habits of working to feed their kids).  I didn't walk out of that one, but after it I was drained enough that I walked out of "What do Women Want (in SF/F characters)", when it turned out to be a horrid all-girl exploration of questions like "does Liv Tyler count as a fat chick" and "can people really fight crime in five-inch heels".  That one, like "Linguistics" — ha! — "and SF/F", had exactly one panel-member who knew anything about the topic actually, and that one spoke up once, got steamrolled by someone saying something insipid that the mods then went along with, and just gave up.  I'm sure there were plenty of good panels I didn't see, but still…I'm seriously *this close* to running a panel next year, just to show people that they can actually be used to convey and uncover interesting and useful information, rather than as vehicles for the uncontrolled wank of a few people who like to hear themselves talk.

Oh yes, I'll definitely go next year, one way or the other.  The art was neat (although fuck the art show for their check-your-bags-or-let-us-search-them policy — your fear of theft is not a valid reason to trample my fourth-amendment rights, and if you think I was loud about it this time, just wait), the artists and dealers were awesome (yay for giving them money directly for work I like), the peoplewatching was great (I may even find a — very nonsexualized — costume for myself next year — it's like grownup halloween!) and I'm sure there was plenty more to it than I actually got to find time for this year.  The con overall was very well-run and well-staffed, and it never felt like there was a shortage of help or supplies, nor any major confusions or kerfuffles that I witnessed.  And though my fears of dealing with massive amounts of people were not unwarranted, having a room in the same hotel turned out to be a brilliant way of dealing with that…I could escape for a few anytime I wanted, and I did, and I only got uncomfortable a few times, and not badly.  So yes, if you're an introvert, go to the con — just get a room.  *yay*

Anyway, I'm wiped out and behind on email and writing, so Imma catch you all later…I know I owe some vlogs and stuff; I haven't forgotten!  ;)


Losing my diet virginity, one cabbage-leaf at a time.

So, I’m on my very first ever actual calorie-restriction diet.  This is Day Two.

I’ve had more fun.

However, I probably also never have actually eaten this healthily, if health can be measured in quantities of raw vegetables.

Anybody could know why I did it, I imagine…three years of regular, increasingly athletic exercise, and I’m in the best shape of my life… and I still haven’t shed a pound of the thirty that I put on since momhood.  I try to make healthy choices whenever I can, but it’s no joke that I have a mean oral fixation (ever seen my fingernails?) and a pretty reliable sweet tooth.  I was raised on the Middle American Sugar Diet, and it shows.  Even when I was “just tracking” my calories with the dots-per-day thing, I was aiming for 1400 and probably missing it by 200-300 most days.

So, eventually the obvious quits f*cking around and actually becomes obvious (dammit, brain!):  The weight isn’t going anywhere, except possibly underneath a fresh layer of more, until the food issue gets solved.

I really, really prefer to do things all-out and cold turkey, when I can.  It’s SO much easier to just get it over with without a big drawn-out battle, isn’t it?

I’m waxing my legs today, as a commemorative.  I figure it’ll help if I engage in a long, painful ritual involving repeated visceral reminders that shit hurts a lot more if you do it slow, if you stall it or drag it out; the only way to go is one-two-three and exhale on three (if you can, add a kiai!) and rip that sucker off.

So it will go with food, if I’m lucky.  I did it with smoking, and my first Uberman adaptation, so it’s not impossible that I might.  It also runs in the family: my grandfather (may he have a breath of respite now and again in his Hell) quit drinking and smoking cold-turkey at once, with no drugs or doctors to help, and kept a new bottle of whiskey in his cupboard and a new pack of cigarettes in his pocket for I don’t know how many years.  My dad, oddly enough, though he inherited my grandfather’s intellect (and blessedly not much else), doesn’t seem to have this ability.

My grandfather was a bad person.  (One of them; the other is a hero of mine.)  I won’t tell you what he did but trust me, you’d agree that he was just bad, bad in the incurable way that people still think capital punishment exists for.  I wonder sometimes if he was always screwy somehow, or if he was normal, maybe before the War.  He was Big in the War.  Boxful of medals; Normandy I think; and it definitely messed with his head.  All those old men at his funeral who flew in from places.  I wanted to talk to them, but I didn’t because I couldn’t ask them what I really wanted to know:  Was he a good guy then, really, or was he always creepy, always “off”?  Did the War do it to him?  Then again, I wonder if any of them even knew, or believed, the stories of what he did.

Brrrwaugh! Wow, apparently that needed to come out.  Whew.  Anyway, back to something resembling the point.

*raises flags and marches Pointwards*

I can’t live in a world with no chaos, so I’m on a daily allotment of 1,000 – 1,250 calories, by my best estimation and package data.  I try to get this allotment in five 200-calorie chunks, so that I can eat often, which I sense will make things easier.  I’m allowed to reduce one meal to compensate for extra calories in another, but I’m not allowed to skip meals entirely, so I can’t “go over” by too much.  Moreover, in addition to this amount I’m allowed to have raw veggies whenever I want.  Also, only one of my 200-calorie “meals” is allowed to consist of junk food.  (I tend to save that one for last, having a long-bred habit of craving “dessert”.)

I have been hungry, though oddly it’s been from pushing back or even skipping some of my meals.  Where I would have just “grabbed something” before if I was busy, I don’t want to now; I want to enjoy it.  But when I am hungry and starting to really feel it, I grab some of my fridgeful of new veggies:  green peppers, celery, cabbage; all good raw-eatin’ stuff.  I also have brussels sprouts and an artichoke to cook for a meal sometime (I cook ‘em with looooots of butter. ;)

One thing:  The components of this diet are, so far, very cheap.  Did you know a head of lettuce is less than a dollar?  And I’ll be eating that thing all week!  Tearing off a cabbage-leaf is a great “geez I just need to eat something” antidote. It doesn’t really need sauce or salt, and it’s fast, and if you just have a few bites and put the rest in the compost, you don’t feel bad.  I hereby approve of cabbage leaves.

I’ve also eaten vegetarian for the last two days.  I didn’t really mean to, but well, with 200ish calories, you get a lot more food if it’s not meat.  And I don’t really crave meat in my diet anyway, so it’s been pretty easy to ignore it.  I’m not committing to that part, at least not yet, but it is interesting.  If it keeps up I’ll need iron supplements, eek.

I devised this diet the way I did for three reasons:

1.  I want to lose weight, and the only surefire way of doing that is to restrict your caloric intake.  I’ve seen it work in several cases to help people I know lose over 100 lbs.  So I aimed for 1K, figuring I’d screw up some and end up at 1200, which would be fine.  I knew that if I had to fuss over every single number, I’d quit.  I hate mental math!
2.  I like to eat often and I don’t like to eat too much; my appetite has always been small (or maybe I just grow bored of eating) and I eat a more varied diet when I spread it out.  So I took my caloric requirement and divided it up a way that seemed to make sense for me.
3.  I know that in order to keep weight off, there has to be a lifestyle change, not just a temporary change in diet pattern.  Like the lifestyle changes involved in quitting smoking and sleeping at night, I guess.  So I wanted to create a “diet” that would be both healthy and livable over the long-term.

OMG I just realized this means I’m eating polyphasically. Holy crap, that’s funny.

Less funny is the fact that I have to actually change my polyphasic sleeping schedule soon. The more work ramps up, the more impossible it gets to get my naps, and things have been getting dangerously messy lately.  I think things will get busier before they get stable, but I’m still trying to get a handle on what the bigger changes might look like so that I can plan a new schedule.  Man, I’d better be able to at least do something like a siesta schedule, or I’ll be pissed.

I’m also getting fuller, sooner, today than I’m used to.  Maybe my stomach is already accustomed to these small meals?  For dinner I’m having home-baked tortilla chips (ikr?!) and awesome fresh salsa, and I gave myself a few more chips than a serving as a treat or something, but now I don’t want them; I’m full.  And the last thing I had was celery, like, almost three hours ago.

Next stop:  Sustaining life with only sunlight and water and bloody-mindedness!

(This image is actually slightly appropriate, but only if you’re a huge nerd. The rest of you will just have to settle for enjoying the random pic of a sparkly anime guy. *yay sparkly anime guys!*)

Technology, technology everywhere

Tech Notes from your friendly online blatherer:

1.  I used to really like ScribeFire (a Firefox extension) — it’s easy to call up & get rid of, and great for managing multiple blogs — but after a recent update, it became really slow on all my computers, so I can’t recommend it as completely as I would have.  Ah well.  Keep an eye on it if you’re a blogger; maybe it’ll get fast again, and in the meantime it’s still not bad.

2.  Ubiquity (also a Firefox extension) IS TEH FUTURE; I highly suggest you try it out.  It’s the closest thing you’ll find now to a StarTrekesqe “Computer?  Please do x, y, and z for me…” …I’m always amazed when I see natural language processing working at all in the real world, and this little app is one impressive example, seriously.

3.  After years of being stuck with Quickbooks and other Intuit products (all while hating the company because gods they suck), I’m finally free to try GnuCash as the main accounting software for the impending business.  I’ve got it all set up — which was deceptively easy, as long as you RTFM — but the next few weeks will tell how usable it is.  Wish it (and me) luck!

4.  My Wii is something I probably shouldn’t have spent the money on (but to be fair, it wasn’t my money — I bought it with the first $350 in royalties I got from the Ubersleep book; how effing cool is that??!  THANK YOU GUYS!!), but I’m consistently really impressed with both its design and the intentions that it portrays.  It’s beautifully designed inside and out, and you can really tell that it’s high-quality equipment made of good parts — and it came with all the cables and everything it needed.  But even more than that, little things, like, it can play GameCube games, which is purely lagniappe on the company’s part.  And this is a good example of why it’s a good idea for a company to throw such bones to their customers:  I’ve never had any interest in Game Cube, but I went out and snagged a game for it just because my Wii lets me play them…a friend of ours recommended Tales of Symphonia, and yeah, if you like anime-styled RPGs, this is the BEST one I’ve ever played (and I say that having played it for a total of 20 minutes so far)!  So, see, even ignoring the smackdown the Wii gave to other next-gen consoles thanks to the work they put into it, Nintendo also adds a neat feature they don’t need to include, and as a result they’re boosting an outdated revenue stream by interesting me and people like me in Game Cube games.  I only hope I can run my company that well!

5.  Lastly, kick me for not mentioning this sooner, because my EPIC search for good syncing software is over now, and that deserved a bit of trumpeting and flag-waving which I didn’t get around to.  However, since it’s been about a month since I found Dropbox, I can at least say without guessing or stretching the truth at all that IT’S A FREAKING MIRACLE.  My problem was a deceptively tricky one:  I use several computers daily, and I keep a pretty sizeable chunk of files that cannot, cannot get mixed up or mis-versioned….as a writer, just about nothing is more painful than accidentally losing a page, a paragraph or even a few words that you changed in one of your pieces.  Such a mishap often destroys my motivation to continue with a piece, so I avoid it at all costs.  But how to sync almost a gig of files between three computers running three different operating systems, and preferably a secondary backup too, without losing track of versions?  Believe me, I’ve tried nearly everything, and all of it has risks I just hate (like, using a disk or thumbdrive, there’s always some time somewhere when the only up-to-date versions are on that little thing…::shudder::)  Enter Dropbox.  This software (Windows AND Linux compatible, woot!) is everything I’ve ever wanted:  It’s small, FREE, runs in the background, and simply keeps the latest version of everything (in the folder I tell it) updated.  It retains folder structures and metadata, and moreover keeps an online backup that I can access at any time.  If there’s a conflict, it just saves both.  So literally, when I change a file, it’s changed online and on all my other computers that happen to be on, within minutes.  And I can pay a reasonable price if I want a lot more space, too.  I’M IN LOVE.

This ends our very dry and stuffy technology report for today. 

Congratulations to America and everyone affected by America for avoiding a disastrous election outcome, and may you always trust yourself first whenever possible.

Wonderful: Across the World & On my Floor

First, from my floor: I didn’t mention it this morning, because okay, once, sure — I fell asleep in my car and forgot to turn my timer on.

I wasn’t wearing a watch, so when I woke up, I had to go into work to figure out what time it was — and it was exactly the right time.  I slept for between 19-21 minutes.

Like I said, though, once, big deal — that happens about once a week, really.  And my morning nap is one of the easier ones to wake up from, anyway.  I’m not here to brag (well, not totally).

But then, my afternoon nap — and I was tired, because I’d put it off until 3:30, which is really the latest I can go without suffering some consequences later — I thought I’d set the alarm on my computer, but (as I found out later), the little checky-box wasn’t checked.

I remember "coming to", thinking I’d only slept a minute or two and something had woken me, but then I realized I wasn’t tired anymore, and wasn’t going back to sleep no matter how long I laid on the floor.  So I got up, and checked my computer, and…yeah.  Dead on time with no alarm again.

As the parlance has it, w00t.

Also, from across the world:  The awesomtastic J-List Side Blog gives us this neat list, of English words that phonetically resemble Japanese phrases.  Can you remember to yell "Cheek show!" next time you’re angry?  I bet you ca-aan!  ;)


Cheek show! Damn! (chikusho)
Psycho! That’s great! (saiko)
Bimbo Poor, no money (binbo)
Ohio Good morning (ohayo)
Show you soy sauce (shoyu)
Oh, you hot water (o-yu)
Never never sticky (like natto, fermented soybeans)
"E" good, ok (ii)
Cow buy (kau)


Input For Input’s Sake: Reviews



Okay, time for a roundup of input-for-input’s-sake.  Normally I have better things to write about, but, well, not today I guess.  ;) 

(Actually, it’s occurred to me recently that I take in a lot of I.F.I.S, but never really make public my opinions thereof.  So what the heck, right?)

First up, I have the social misfortune to not like Joss Whedon’s work at all, at all.  This, of course, has gotten me nothing but crap since the first Buffy series, even though with every monstrosity the man’s written since then, I get all geared up to be told that I was right, that people finally see that he’s a sensationalist hack who couldn’t realistically write a character out of a sandwich bag….and it never happens.  Instead, with every new offering, I get told that maybe I’ll begin to enjoy mediocre writing if I just check out the latest example of it; and further, if I go too long without exposure to it, the pack begins to make noises like it might turn on me.  So every once in a while, I pick something up by the man who stole a really good female singer’s name (yes, I realize he’s probably older, but I don’t care — she’s earned it more) and almost every plotline ever conceived in science fiction, and do my darnedest to give it a shot.

This time I caught Firefly.  Firefly, I’d been assured, I would have to like, because it was just that awesome


Let’s see.  The dialog made me vomit twice during the first episode — it was honestly worse, dialog-wise, than Star Wars, without the saving grace of being plot-driven or intended for children.  The characters were so one-dimensional that when they turned a certain way on the screen I could no longer perceive them at all.  And though I only made it through the one episode before my stomach would take no more, I did take the liberty of looking up some of the rest of the plot synopses, and concluded that there must be a misprint somewhere, because Gene Roddenberry obviously wrote most of this, during or before the 80′s.  He probably just didn’t want his name on such abominable characterization, is all.

The characters and dialog were actually so bad it was fun for a few minutes, though, and fun is not something I can usually attribute to Mr. Whedon’s efforts.  Since every character fit so neatly into a five-word-or-less synopsis ("the Captain with a Past", "the Tough Chick", "the Courtesan", "the Innocent Powerful Kid", etc etc), and said pretty much exactly what their stereotype would have said in every circumstance, I got to play a pretty fun game of "guess what they’re going to say".  And I was rockin’ it, too.

All of this might have made for bad-but-funny-and-therefore-tolerable scifi, but once again, The Whede delivers a box of anthrax to his own story with lots and lots of pointless, gratuitous, and moreover totally uninteresting sex.  There were no less than three sex-scenes in the *first episode* of Firefly, which had the effect of cheapening all the characters and, if it were possible, diluting the plot even more.  I get the impression that sometimes, Joss uses sex in place of actual plot-and/or-character tension.  "Hmm, I’m giving too much away…quick!  Pan to some naked people!"  And because it’s television, you can really only show the guy’s humping back / edges of breasts / shadows / etc., so it’s not even worthwhile as cheap porn. 


Overall verdict:  My kingdom to whomever wipes Joss Whedon’s hard drive, breaks his writing-hand and exiles him to Afghanistan.  (If he survives in Afghanistan for five years, we can let him back in, since he’ll have learned an original story-idea or two while he’s there.  He may have to be repeatedly re-exiled, though.)

On the other hand, though, there was also a surprise win in the recent attempts at entertainment I picked up lately…I grabbed Balls of Fury almost exclusively because it had Christopher Walken in a humorous role, and that alone is 90% of a guarantee for something at least worth watching once.  What I didn’t know is that  I’d picked up one of the best kung-fu parodies to come out in years.

As described in the "Making of" (yes, it was good enough that I watched all the extras), this was a "kung fu movie with all the kung fu taken out…and replaced with ping-pong."  And that’s exactly what it was, complete with raucous action, Chinese platitudes, zen masters, a seedy underground "mortal combat" tournament, a dishonored father, a luckless prodigy, and an opulent hidden palace filled with weapons and concubines.

More importantly even than its surprising accuracy to the kung-fu genre (it even starred three major kung-fu actors acting almost exactly like they would have in their normal roles), this movie had awesome characters and really shockingly good dialog — I think I laughed out loud in at least ten places.  Christopher Walken wasn’t the only person who was perfectly cast here!  (This movie made me an instant fan of Dan Fogler, and I’ve never even heard of him before.)

And, almost as if it was deliberately done to mock Firefly, even the minor characters in this flick were interesting in some way.  The people who wrote this had a spectacular eye for fun details while sticking just far enough inside the genre to really slay you, if you like kung fu.  For instance, the Enter-the-Dragon-like-palace concubines?  Squealed at their rescue, screamed whenever they saw a weapon, and threw themselves mercilessly at the hero.  Except they were men.  Now that’s just freaking brilliant.  Also, Def Leppard.  Squee for old metal!

…Anyway, those are the Best and the Worst of lately.  Other notables include:

Stranger Than Fiction:  Very good!  Nifty plot, great characters, good acting, booyah.
Hannibal Rising:  Predictable, but worth it if you like the character.  The screenplay was written by Tom Harris, which means that it seems like it would make a better book than a movie.  It gets the character right, but at the expense of any real surprises in the plot.
The Number 23:  Not bad — It’s a B-plus thriller, and Jim Carrey really can act when he tries.
Spriggan:  Weird, but typical anime; not really worth it.  I got it on a whim and let it go as soon as I was done watching it.
The Producers:  Quite good if you like Mel Brooks (which I do) and musicals (not so much).  Nathan Lane is amazing, though.
Paycheck:  Good plot (based on PK Dick — which is why I picked this up) ruined by horrible casting (ugh Ben Affleck, ugh) and directing (worst character I’ve ever seen Uma Thurman play — I thought she couldn’t get that bad)
Battlestar Gallactica: Razor I was worried about this one, being a one-off, but, while it’s not quite as awesome as the rest of BSG, it was actually pretty darn good.  I ended up impressed in spite of myself, which, come to think of it, is how I always feel about this series, so yay!

Non-Metal Linkage

Ah, what a lovely day this probably was, before it got buried in snow. 


There’s just something so icky about waiting for winter to be over…then again, it’s sort of the same icky as waiting to be old enough to move out of your parents’ house, so I suppose it gets points for nostalgia.  I was the move-out-the-second-I-can-get-away-with-it, and-then-live-in-horrific-circumstances-until-I-get-my-crap-together type, and it had its advantages (got darn good at finance, responsibility, etc. early) as well as its detriments (washing underwear in the sink because I couldn’t afford another pair).  Funnily enough, my sibling, as well as the siblings of both my husband and my ex, are the stay-at-home-until-you-can’t-anymore type.  I wonder if it has more to do with who you are or how you’re raised? 

Hm, talk about a doomed thing to wonder about; I doubt I’ll ever know that.  But I’ll still probably kill myself trying to figure out if it was myself or Nature that made my kid whichever way she’ll be.

…Actually…no I won’t.  Thinking about it…I’ve got $100 on her being just like I was, and since she’s five, I guess that lands squarely in Nature’s basket, eh?

Oh, look:  I farmed some links for you!

First up is the J-List Side Blog, which I’m totally digging lately.  Happily obsessed with Japanese culture as I am, J-List and JBOX are just too much, and too much advertising, for me.  But the Side Blog is awesome.  It does have some products — basically some "best of" lists pulled from the other site’s offerings — nifty and weird stuff, and not too much of it.  The rest of the posts are about Japanese language and culture conventions, explained nicely for an American/European audience; it’s funny and really fascinating.  If I could find a China blog just like this, I’d be soooo happy.*

You know…it’s inconvenient sometimes to be equally obsessed with Japan and China.  They don’t get along so well, y’know?  It seems I’m always bragging about Japanese movies to pro-Chinese audiences, or bowing Chinese-style to Japanese people.

Come to think of it…I had thought my obsession with those two cultures was actually due to their blazing superiorities in film, food, martial arts, philosophy, painting, writing, metallurgy (have fun picking out which country I’m talking about for which thing!) etc.; but maybe it’s just a natural outgrowth of my mad skillz at putting my feet in my mouth.

Okay, moving on…check here for a nifty, simple tutorial that’ll show you how to draw M.C. Escher’s screwed-up triangle(tm)!  (If I can draw it, literally anybody can.  Including monkeys and people without hands.  ;)  Is that a cool way to burn ten minutes or what?

Lastly but hardly leastly, the writing on this site is painfully bad at times, but then again, sometimes they pull together some amazing lists…like this one.  View photos and descriptions of breathtaking monestaries around the world, and then sit back and close your eyes a moment, before deciding which one you’d take a piligrimmage to if you could.  (I’m right up there in the Tiger’s Nest, baby.  Yes, yes, I could fall and die, but there are worse ways to go!)  Ah, that just about made my morning by itself.

But you know what?  I didn’t need a website to make my morning today, because I got up and put another significant round of Finishing Touches on the Ubersleep book this morning.  There’s still a lot to do (well, even a little feels like a lot when you’re this close to done — probably another 10 hours or so is what’s really left), but the end is officially In Sight!  And as I read and poke at it, I have to admit, I’m pretty happy with how it turned/is turning out.  I was aiming for useful and comprehensive without being pseudo-sciency or difficult to read, and I think I hit pretty near the mark.

Now, here’s a question:  Illustrations?  Or no illustrations?  Since there isn’t much in the way of useful illustrations I could do (there are a few), they’d probably mostly be there for fun / prettiness / humor / the hell of it.  They’d be black and white so as to not make the book cost more.  If you’ve got an opinion, weigh in!

And of course, Happy Tuesday.  Enjoy this wonderful holiday, traditionally celebrated to mark the ending of Monday.  ;)



*you may not have noticed it, but that phrase is a direct quote from Craig, on the South Park "Tourette’s" episode.  Furthermore, the words "just like this" preceding it are quoted from the first season of Law & Order, and the "a" before that is pulled right from a Coke commercial.  Hey, just giving credit where credit’s due.

In the end, Bored beats Famous.

Ah, boredom.  If you’re not polyphasic, you’ve probably whiffed it now and again; if you are polyphasic, you’ve learned to hate and fear it as a formidable enemy.  For, even once you’re adjusted, getting good and bored reeeeal late at night can be just icky.  Even if you aren’t physically tired, you’re staring at the clock at 11 p.m. with, say, two hours left until bedtime, and nothing much to do…and sleep just starts to sound nice.  Easy

On a personal note (y’know, because the Internet needs more personal notes), I was bored a lot as a child, so boredom has been a nemesis of mine for quite a while.  I have many, many ways around it, but unfortunately I’m human, so sometimes I get stuck with it anyway.  Sometimes, say, it’s late on a Tuesday night and I’m already overexposed to the computer, mom’s got the TV, and a raging case of poison ivy is making it tough to do much of anything else.  (Blessedly it stops at the wrists, so I can type.  …Figures it would find a way to make sure I didn’t need a day off work, though!)

Anyway, at such times, you become glad that you have the Internet to blather at.  Hi, Internet!  I’m bored!  Have a picture!  (It’s part of a foreign sign, courtesy of

What a wonderful sentiment.  If only!

…In other not-very-newslike-news, someone from the building I work in caught me today and asked why I’m always going to sleep in my car.  I gave the short version, and nothing major happened, but I’ll confess, when he first said something, I was initially terrified.  I’m starting to wonder how long until I run into someone who’s heard of this, and I have to fess up to this being my blog.  o.0

I confess, under such circumstances, I may lie.  Or run away.  There’s a reason the ‘Net and I get along so well:  It lets me shoot my mouth off without coming out of the corner.  Every nerd’s dream.  (Make no mistake, generally I’m very loudmouthed for a nerd, but that’s just because shooting my mouth off is so often the stronger of the two desires.  Here, in Magic Diginonymous Land, I can have both!)

So there, you’ve been warned:  If you ever find me (now I feel like a living version of Where’s Waldo?), just don’t say anything.  Or say something benign, like, "Hey, aren’t you that nerd who used to sit in the back of the really rowdy club in Detroit and take notes while everyone else got their freak on?".  I would happily fess to that.  ;)

Okay, ya’ll have helped me kill enough time now — I can read for the rest, or, worst comes to worst, pull out my sword and reclaim the TV.  I’m almost done with the first episode of the Xenosaga game, darnit, and the suspense is…well, confusing me.  But in a good way.