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On the lighter banana

Is that a light saber, or a banana, or are you happy to see me?



…Actually the whole site cracked me up.  But I am, after all, a massive nerd.  (Yes, star wars nerd too.  I am, in fact, married to the first man (or woman) to ever beat me at Star Wars Trivial Pursuit.  …He beat me by a lot, too, which is scary.)

Speaking of nerds, does it seem somehow fundamentally unfair that there are nerds today, who are too young to have been nerds before it was at all cool, back when you got beaten up for it?  Sometimes I get Shutup, Whippersnapper-y over that.  It's like not having Paid Your Dues, lol.

Saturday morning.  I slept quite a lot extra, to make up for lost naps during the week (there were quite a few) and the ridiculous whupping I took yesterday in Sanda.  (God was it fun, but ow the Later.)  Got up about 7, worked for a little over an hour (yes, ew Saturday am work, but it's nice to just be able to get things done uninterrupted by meetings and crap for a while), and Hath Surfd.  Today I must needs combine Writing, Stretching (see above about asswhooping), Cleaning (well, loading bookshelves and unearthing/emptying further boxes…it never ends!!) and playing video games.  (Talk about nerd…I bought Final Fantasy VII for the PS3, and am completely loving playing it again.  It's AWESOME, after all.)  And I will get my naps, so my sleep can be back online and humming for Monday.

More srs writings later; I've got 'em half-finished, on the shelf of half-finished things, right next to my novel and Enlightenment.

P.S.  I want a T-Shirt that says "GOP STIGGLING".  Wearing it in public would be SO fun.  (Yes, not just nerd…MOM nerd.)