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Attention is everything. Onward and upward!

Writing bug

Hello again, world!  Wanna read a story?  Only got a minute? OK, here! ### I had a dream, once.  Heard my friend’s voice calling me from the living room, calling up the stairs, telling me, of all things, to come … Continue reading

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The Hanging Swing

The Hanging Swing I.  Oh man, life-wise I am kinda hanging off the crumbling edge of a cliff after a seizmic explosion and it's cool, it's cool, I'm scrambling up over the ledge and it looks like nothing is broken…but … Continue reading

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A daily workout that’s simple and works: HIIT The Deck

THE "HIIT THE DECK" WORKOUT There are doubtless other posts about similar workouts, but as I learned this through oral tradition (passed on to me by a footy team, no less) and I've definitely developed my own way of making it work … Continue reading

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Technically correct is the funniest kind of correct

Hey all!  OMG, I'm so sorry to have vanished for so long.  :/  I think I got — to be brutally honest, which OH HEY I've missed this little forum where I get to be entirely that — I think … Continue reading

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Finally, a perfect body

I’m being told, by individual mouths as well as much of my culture, that I should be upset and/or ashamed that my body is, at age 38, no longer “perfect”. Well, it wasn’t perfect before. Or rather, if I looked … Continue reading

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I'm reposting this in its entirety from Everything2, mostly because it's an old site and this piece is over 15 years old, and I can't bear it being at risk of vanishing.  I looked it up again today because I … Continue reading

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Another category of logical fallacies

OK, look.  I love logic.  I basically got a degree in it, and I was raised in a pro-intellectual household by a man whose bread and butter (and therefore mine) came from his skill at arguing — and I'm good … Continue reading

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All the things that need updating…

So, regarding sleep and scheduling, I'm sad to report that my Dymaxion adaptation, while it was going well and I was really starting to feel like I'd gotten it, did not survive the recent U.S. election.  I'm envious of people … Continue reading

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4am thoughts from the new world order

…in honor of the screaming Anarchists, in no particular order, things that have been occuring to me the last couple days like the angry ceaseless waves of a storm sea… 1.  We wanted people to vote for "anything but [X]", and … Continue reading

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Current reading list time!

(Brought to you courtesy of Day 6 of the Dymaxion adaptation… :)) OK folks, time to open up: What are you reading right now? Should I read any of them?? Because this is my currently-reading list, so clearly I need … Continue reading

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