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Attention is everything. Onward and upward!

The right and the wrong of the incels

So I keep running into these "involuntary celebate" guys online.  This is a whole segment of the human western culture that's hyper-frustrated at not feeling able to get laid, and is yelling about it because they feel they're being treated … Continue reading

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Art and other kinds of lens-making

The goal of art is NOT to make something people like. The goal of art is to make something honest, something real, something that successfully magnifies the Great Light Within and helps it be felt. This is why we know … Continue reading

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Chicken soup for kicking winter’s butt

Because, come on.  CHICKEN SOUP.  A good chicken soup can slay even the nastiest physical or mental cold-weather malaise.  It also freezes great, and is the perfect thing to grab and run over to a sick friend's house.  (Also, I've noticed that … Continue reading

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Also, I love the band

If you have no idea what Mastodon is (not the band, the social platform), then this article is a great place to start.  Move on to the official FAQ here, if you like.  I've been reading about it all morning.  … Continue reading

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Use Details to Battle The Devil

LIES AND MORE LIES The Devil is the Father of Lies, as we know.  And that terrible capital-D voice in your head when you're depressed, most of us also know, wants to make everything look hopeless.  Depression wants to color everything with its bleakness — past, … Continue reading

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We attract what we need…

…So apparently I needed a new writing-project? Trick question:  It is categorically always true that I need a new writing project.  However, in this case, I *did* need a new publishing project.  I have all this cool fiction going on, and plans … Continue reading

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Writing bug

Hello again, world!  Wanna read a story?  Only got a minute? OK, here! ### I had a dream, once.  Heard my friend’s voice calling me from the living room, calling up the stairs, telling me, of all things, to come … Continue reading

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The Hanging Swing

The Hanging Swing I.  Oh man, life-wise I am kinda hanging off the crumbling edge of a cliff after a seizmic explosion and it's cool, it's cool, I'm scrambling up over the ledge and it looks like nothing is broken…but … Continue reading

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A daily workout that’s simple and works: HIIT The Deck

THE "HIIT THE DECK" WORKOUT There are doubtless other posts about similar workouts, but as I learned this through oral tradition (passed on to me by a footy team, no less) and I've definitely developed my own way of making it work … Continue reading

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Technically correct is the funniest kind of correct

Hey all!  OMG, I'm so sorry to have vanished for so long.  :/  I think I got — to be brutally honest, which OH HEY I've missed this little forum where I get to be entirely that — I think … Continue reading

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