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Attention is everything. Onward and upward!


I'm reposting this in its entirety from Everything2, mostly because it's an old site and this piece is over 15 years old, and I can't bear it being at risk of vanishing.  I looked it up again today because I … Continue reading

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Another category of logical fallacies

OK, look.  I love logic.  I basically got a degree in it, and I was raised in a pro-intellectual household by a man whose bread and butter (and therefore mine) came from his skill at arguing — and I'm good … Continue reading

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All the things that need updating…

So, regarding sleep and scheduling, I'm sad to report that my Dymaxion adaptation, while it was going well and I was really starting to feel like I'd gotten it, did not survive the recent U.S. election.  I'm envious of people … Continue reading

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4am thoughts from the new world order

…in honor of the screaming Anarchists, in no particular order, things that have been occuring to me the last couple days like the angry ceaseless waves of a storm sea… 1.  We wanted people to vote for "anything but [X]", and … Continue reading

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Current reading list time!

(Brought to you courtesy of Day 6 of the Dymaxion adaptation… :)) OK folks, time to open up: What are you reading right now? Should I read any of them?? Because this is my currently-reading list, so clearly I need … Continue reading

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America is NOT white. America is also not male. America is not middle-class.  America definitely does not wear a suit. America is a little loopy.  America has had to take medicine before, and will probably need to again.  America is smart, … Continue reading

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An EXCELLENT post about ANOTHER long-term polyphasic sleeper’s experience

I'M SO EXCITED!! I get messages all the time redirecting my attention to terrible articles about people who irresponsibly sort-of-try polyphasic sleep, don't keep to a schedule, fail to adapt, get terribly sleep-deprived (and then half the time, blame me or polyphasic … Continue reading

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I’m a feminist and I do NOT feel “safe” in all-female spaces

…Actually, I said that too gently (wow, never happens, right?) — I feel downright unsafe in all-female spaces, ALL OF THEM. I feel unsafe in all-female spaces for two reasons, which I'm gonna be super, SUPER clear about right here, up front, … Continue reading

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Time to refresh the paint on ye olde “THIS IS SEGREGATION” sign again

Aw, man.  It's that time of year again — that festive semi-annual holiday where I get to be stared at like my favorite accessory is a tinfoil hat.  But history will bear me up:  You may think it's weird that … Continue reading

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Hedging Gods: “I’m a Christian, but I’m also a [Buddhist, Taoist, Agnostic, etc]!”

I saw this again today, in a comment on a Taoist forum:  "I'm a Christian, but I'm also a Taoist!  Some people may see a conflict in that, but it works for me!" Well duh it works for you, homie.  You're a member of … Continue reading

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