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Attention is everything. Onward and upward!

Happiness is an empty space

That's it — it just hit me, walking home.  What happiness is, and why it's so hard for almost everyone to find it, but almost indestructible in the people who do find it. Happiness is not a thing — nor a feeling. … Continue reading

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I’ll stim with you

I saw myself in the subway today.  Twenty-five or so and Asian and wearing lipstick, but otherwise, me. She was stimming like crazy. People seemed to both avoid and ignore her, giving her twice the personal space of anyone else, … Continue reading

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Truth Hurts (as it catches up)

This will give you a headache, but it’s a headache worth getting I think: …The scariest opinion I have heard about this well-done little video is “I think that’s probably accurate, but I don’t want to watch it because I’d … Continue reading

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Thankful, not sorry

Well, I'll be damned. That's why I say "I'm sorry" too much.  In business emails, to friends who see me cry, to total strangers in passing — that's why I do all of that over-apologizing.   (Shockingly, it turns out that … Continue reading

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Wow, the amount of stuff I write and never push “publish” on

Just…wow.  O.O Pages and pages and pages…is it making me a better writer, or just giving me an out from hearing critiques that would be useful to me?   I don't know, but I've never really found the happy medium … Continue reading

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Replacing the First Link: Personal management to please a professional project manager

Oo, I think I've solved a big one:  The age-old problem (to me) of needing three very specific things from my personal organization software* and process/system, and having them be VERY hard to get in ways that don't interfere with or … Continue reading

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Random Woah (title caps edition)

Today I randomly figured out that using capitalized passive verbs without subjects* is an elegant and simple way to write a phrase like "our God-given lives" in such a way that it fits with my spiritual understanding (I'm not a theist, … Continue reading

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