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Attention is everything. Onward and upward!

Feels like segregation feels like segregation feels like

Pretend you're a dark-skinned person.  One day your friends tell you about a new, tiny, unofficial sports team they're in.  They invite you to come play.  You arrive and nope, there are no other dark-skinned people there, but also nobody … Continue reading

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And now a break for beautiful

These layer-lapse videos are pretty impressive!  I'm so glad that Boston got one early, because… …HOLY CRAP I live in a beautiful place!  ::so proud:: Now, go find something beautiful in your own town to admire — and leave me … Continue reading

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Something you can do in your 20’s-30’s to guarantee a not-horrible old age

People find getting old scary — because it is. Especially once you hit full adulthood, and the rollercoaster of youth — from whose dizzying speed and crazy twist-turns the reality of getting old is barely, if at all, comprehensible — begins to … Continue reading

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The Group Adaptation is almost over! What happens now? Will there be another one? (Yes!)

TL;DR:  The group adaptation was excellent, and it'd be a shame to let it die or not be there for future people who would benefit from it.  It will cost something (as little as possible) to participate in the future version, … Continue reading

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Epic Food Hack: Picklekraut (for breakfast!)

Alright folks, here's a weird one for you, but especially given the number of people who've expressed concerns about weight gain, I couldn't not mention it (though I probably would have anyway, just because OMG COOL).   So, I make pickles. … Continue reading

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Prevention for Depression?

A random thing I've been meaning to write down for a while, brought to you by the letter D: I hate who I am when I'm depressed.  And I mean, who doesn't; depression doesn't bring out the best in anybody; … Continue reading

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The Big Fight

I feel like September's adaptation is shaping up to become a biiiiiig fight.  And maybe not one I can win!  Look at these "gotchas" that might interfere with my own adaptation: unexpectedly (I just found out), I'm moving to a … Continue reading

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