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Why might one be addicted to weird mathematical ways to fasten little metal rings together? I dunno, man, but I’m it.

Fast, like a fart on linoleum

(Bonus points if you get the reference, of course.) So, thing one — the problem with buying riotmod’s songs appears to be fixed, so if you were considering spending two bucks for three songs that are so very edgy that … Continue reading

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New and Exciting Stuff!

Hey, world!  Looking for something fun and artistic and useful that you can buy online for under $10 while helping out an unemployed kungfu-philosopher nerd and her awesome family? Look no further!  Not one, but two such items have been … Continue reading

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The Haul! (Massive Squee-ing and lots of pictures)

So, it’s not technically an Xmas present or a birthday present, but as it falls directly in-between the two and has now made me squeal for almost a week (and will probably continue to induce shriekage for some time), I’m … Continue reading

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A Lack of a Fear of Failure

Hey yo.  Sorry about the intermittent postings; things are markedly crazy here.  My house is being worked on (largely by me), we’re adding another person to the household mix (for awesome and exciting reasons), and the clock is ticking on … Continue reading

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Moar Chainmail!

Because half of you are here about sleep and half are here about foreclosures, I present to you…a crapload of pictures of chainmail jewelry! (You know, when unexpected things happen, you form new neural connections, which has been linked conclusively … Continue reading

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Google Books: My Hero

Okay, I’ve never used Google Books before — because face it, I have plenty of books to read here; I sometimes find myself wishing for a hospital visit or something so I can get to some of them — but … Continue reading

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Bet you didn’t see this one coming…

Ever had a hobby wrap you lovingly around its fork and eat you in one gulp? Well, I have, but this is even particularly voracious for a hobby of mine. Maybe there’s something metaphorical about it…you know, making chains… Anyway, … Continue reading

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