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The good, the bad, and the illegal-for-profit.

Naps & Sundries

So it occurred to me the other day that I neglected to put one major thing in the last post:  I STILL NAP.  This makes my version of the "typical overworked monophaser" sleep-schedule a bit different from the norm; but … Continue reading

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Things that make you go o.0

Oooo-ee, has anybody seen The Economist’s feature on How to Stop the Drug War?  I’m still reading it, but it’s worth noting the comments are up over 400, and that their very calm, well-supported conclusion is that “legalization is the … Continue reading

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End-cycle Reorientation (drugs optional)

According to Matthew Good, a CD with cricket-sounds on it will put you to sleep amazingly fast.  Mr. Good’s not polyphasic, but he is an awesome musician and he once had T-shirts made that said "I hear Matt Good is … Continue reading

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Rights, weaknesses, superpowers.

Two days ago — Aug. 26 — was the anniversary of the passing of the 19th Amendment, the one that gave women the right to vote. If you’ve never read the story of Alice Paul, the Silent Sentinels and the … Continue reading

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What’s worse than drugs and therapy? Oh yeah…drugs and NO therapy.

From Scienceblog: "…[scientists] analyzed trends in psychotherapy provision using data from national surveys of office-based psychiatrist visits from 1996 through 2005. Over the 10-year period, psychotherapy was provided in 5,597 (34 percent) of 14,108 visits lasting longer than 30 minutes. … Continue reading

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Shrooms, anyone?

That “spiritual experience” you had on acid that one time? Don’t be so quick to discount it as “just the drugs”. (As if that’s a phrase that actually means anything…everything is “just” something!) Recent research on psilocybic mushrooms shows that … Continue reading

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Don’t Get Too Excited Now

Have you ever read about how women used to be diagnosed with "hysteria" for basically anything that made them act "overexcited"?  Or hey, to back up a little further, how excitable and/or mentally ill people were treated as "possessed by … Continue reading

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