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competition, innovation, and the public good…all under attack

ZEO FTW: Free new app sees polyphasic naps, improves privacy

We don’t believe folks like Steve Jobs who claim “Open systems don’t always win.” We don’t believe that it’s ethical for body measuring companies to block users access to their information.  We don’t believe that Zeo shouldn’t be ripped open … Continue reading

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Synthesis (and Time Travel Advice)

…Synthesis is a weird thing; in my brain, it's either working or it isn't.  And I'm realizing that writing fiction is the thing that makes it work, that greases those cogs and applies the force to move that particular machine.  … Continue reading

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And how the hell is it almost Friday??

"At COMPANY _______ we value your privacy a great deal. Almost as much as we value the ability to take the data you give us and slice, dice, julienne, mash, puree and serve it to our business partners, which may … Continue reading

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Good Company (pat pat)

As citizens, we care (or at least have a responsibility to care) about whether our governments are doing well or badly.  That responsibility is the flipside of our right to fix government organizations when we don't agree with what they're … Continue reading

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Denying physics won’t save the video stars | Cory Doctorow – Times Online

Fifteen years of draconian copyright regimes show that when you create powerful enforcement tools without any consequence for misuse, they get misused. And half a century’s worth of evidence on digital technology shows that no amount of enforcement will make … Continue reading

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Words Have Meaning

From this piece by the awesomely clear-headed Lawrence Lessig: “…I read this piece by Kevin Kelly, “The New Socialism.” Words have meaning. We don’t get to choose their meaning. If you call something “X” people will hear the equation. They … Continue reading

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Point – Game – WIN

From Lawrence Lessig’s blog: Beautifully put by Fred Benenson: NIN’s CC-Licensed Best-Selling MP3 Album Fred Benenson, January 5th, 2009 NIN’s Creative Commons licensed Ghosts I-IV has been making lots of headlines these days. First, there’s the critical acclaim and two … Continue reading

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