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Can’t anti-racism be color-blind?

Maybe it’s the philosopher in me, but I don’t see how any argument against racism that depends on color to make its point is valuable in the long run.  If the goal is to end racism, which I hope it … Continue reading

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Paths of Drool

Do you not just LOVE that feeling when you’ve hit a clear path?  It may not be obvious where it goes, but every few steps you find another rare feather or insistently-yelling crow, letting you know you’re definitely going in … Continue reading

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Ack! Infodump!

HELP – DROWNING IN TABS – SEND SPARE BRAIN IMMEDIATELY Here’s the goods!  (Maybe one of these days I’ll start doing this part more regularly, yah?) –  Great stuff from WikiHow; my favorites are How to Define a Problem, and … Continue reading

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Pure information is indistinguishable from random insanity. Really!

The process of working my way into grad school has begun.  It could take less than a year, or less than a decade, or more than a decade, or maybe I’ll be one of those crazy old people working in … Continue reading

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Attack of the Politically-Killer Tomatoes

I bet you didn’t see this coming: The Food Issue (NY Times) Excerpt: Dear Mr. President-Elect, It may surprise you to learn that among the issues that will occupy much of your time in the coming years is one you … Continue reading

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The Exceptional Diatribe

Okay, this falls under DO NOT MISS THIS OR I WILL COME TO YOUR HOME IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT AND FORCE-FEED YOU PLASTIC EXPLOSIVES. You guys know about TED, right? Only the smartest people talking about the smartest, … Continue reading

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Running to Stand Still

Waugh, the future is intimidating! Being a metaphysics student at the moment, I can address the question of why something that doesn’t exist can be intimidating, or be anything, probably most efficiently using Yablo:  The future is an existential metaphor … Continue reading

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