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Feels like segregation feels like segregation feels like

Pretend you're a dark-skinned person.  One day your friends tell you about a new, tiny, unofficial sports team they're in.  They invite you to come play.  You arrive and nope, there are no other dark-skinned people there, but also nobody … Continue reading

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The Big Fight

I feel like September's adaptation is shaping up to become a biiiiiig fight.  And maybe not one I can win!  Look at these "gotchas" that might interfere with my own adaptation: unexpectedly (I just found out), I'm moving to a … Continue reading

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Teaching, writing, maybe occasionally throwing people in the grass

Time to be brash nerd:  I love, love, love this blog. What is it?  It's a detailed exploration of taiji and internal martial arts' depictions in Avatar: The Last Airbender.  The piece I linked is a guest blog on tui shou … Continue reading

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What you need, when you need it

When I started training Iron Palm, my sifu gave me a stout canvas bag, sewn permanently shut, stamped with Chinese characters in faded blue on one corner.  It was full of…mung beans. Yup.  Mung beans. Now, beans are a good … Continue reading

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And you thought I couldn’t squee out about shoes

I need to give some love to Mad Rock shoes.   My first pair were ballerina shoes on juice: But then they got a hole in the leather, I swear for no reason I can fathom.   D: I sent … Continue reading

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In honor of / to communicate accurately with my Sifu: –/@– Or in other words,   (No post could ever actually express the gratitude I feel for my Sifus and what they've taught me.  This one is just meant to … Continue reading

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I own my stomach!

That's not a political statement — I was singing this morning (and realizing that my life doesn't involve enough opportunities to really open up and sing; I need to fix that!) — it's a literal one. Taiji (or more broadly the … Continue reading

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