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Listen to the instrument, damn it

Most of my life, I was a slave to my mind, and if you'd asked me I would have said straight-faced that the whole useful world was inside it; a straight-up victim of stockholm syndrome of the brain. Held and … Continue reading

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And you thought I couldn’t squee out about shoes

I need to give some love to Mad Rock shoes.   My first pair were ballerina shoes on juice: But then they got a hole in the leather, I swear for no reason I can fathom.   D: I sent … Continue reading

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Runnin’ (Type 3 Fun)

Running kills me.  I can run for half the time, at a tenth of the intensity, that I might bike or swim; and instead of feeling like I've had a good workout like I would if I was on wheels … Continue reading

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P90 Monday #2

So, start of Week 2 of P90 (after 4 weeks of P90X and a one week "break" while assessing other systems).  This is a big ol' update on exercise, food, sleep &etc., so if you've been thinking I'm awfully behind … Continue reading

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Escape from the Prison Planet!

I put my picture on … because I feel like a refugee from a pocket third-world country in the US, created by the 1% and the government's insane/corrupt need to please them.  And I'm very aware, every day, what … Continue reading

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“Bringing It” to Trial

And just like that, P90X is on the chopping block. Sure, I can be a revolvatory sort, but then again, sometimes the Universe speaks just as suddenly as people do.  Anyway, here's where I'm at: Something in the last few … Continue reading

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Fascinated — one might say, “agog”. But I also find sneezing interesting.

Today's a day for titles pulled out of random things the TV is saying in the background.  Underneath that information-rich skin, though, it's just the three-week P90X update — sorry if that's disappointing.  ;) So.  When I lost weight using … Continue reading

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