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Segregation in Sports: A bit of a wrap-up

A big chunk of my life was taken up recently with a) feeling hurt because of some of the effects of gender segregation in my beloved only-team-sport of Underwater Hockey; b) venting about that hurt on FB, which to my … Continue reading

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Feels like segregation feels like segregation feels like

Pretend you're a dark-skinned person.  One day your friends tell you about a new, tiny, unofficial sports team they're in.  They invite you to come play.  You arrive and nope, there are no other dark-skinned people there, but also nobody … Continue reading

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spinning tired carless twist focus FLIP epic. And underwater pie.

Difficulty concentrating today.   Strange bruises up and down my forearms from spinning (staff-spinning!  Am learning to spin staves and holy hellfire is it awesome).   I tend to go looking for food when I'm tired.  (Yes, when you're polyphasic … Continue reading

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Endless Chicken Cornucopia

*bok* (This makes sense, I swear.  I'm titling a post full of updates on things while making vague Thanksgiving references while poking the memory of one of my recent favorite books.  Don't be scared; this kind of thing happens all the time … Continue reading

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There’s nothing quite like the feeling of victory over sleep

I am *so* thrilled to be writing this, from five a.m. on the day after a hockey game, having already started the laundry and made tea and puttered.   I didn't get home from hockey until after 11, and I … Continue reading

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Underwater Hockey is Ridiculously Awesome

OK, just a note here to say that underwater hockey (or UWH as you'll see it abbreviated) is stone cold freaking awesome.  I don't even like competitive sports generally, but I've now played this one for about five months and … Continue reading

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Napping Infographic and Hilariously Disjointed Update

Found this neato (and huge!) infographic about naps, and it's interesting enough that even I learned something!  Check it out if you'd like. I know you can't hang much on search terms, but it still weirds me out that the … Continue reading

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