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Banthas and Zelda? Hardly – just clicky things to follow.

Teaching, writing, maybe occasionally throwing people in the grass

Time to be brash nerd:  I love, love, love this blog. What is it?  It's a detailed exploration of taiji and internal martial arts' depictions in Avatar: The Last Airbender.  The piece I linked is a guest blog on tui shou … Continue reading

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NGrammatical Fun

Oooo, if you haven't messed with Google Ngram, you shooooould!  Instant pretty graphs of the occurrence of any words and phrases in tons of books over time?  YES PLEASE! Here, for example, you can see that the phrase "in the … Continue reading

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Symphony of Science ALBUM!

Symphony of Science Bundle v1.0. Remember the “Symphony of Science” videos of yore? There’s a whole album of the author’s work (Josh D. Boswell is his name) available now, and the best part is, it’s pay-what-you-want! Proceeds go towards making … Continue reading

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Cool Tools doesn’t just do Writing Tools, but WOW

Cool Tools: Writing Tools. 1. Cool Tools is an amazing blog and everybody should read it, even though it’s usually about tape and shovels and stuff* more so than writing; however 2. HOLY CRAP BETWEEN THREE BUTTERY CRACKERS, that’s a … Continue reading

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Good things up front

The new year is looking good!  I've stumbled across all kinds of awesomeness already. In charity-work, the web seems to finally be catching up:  Besides Crowdrise, which I'm already a fan of for its refreshing attitude and small-charity-friendly format, there's … Continue reading

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Catching On, Are We?

So Yahoo Finance, of all places, has this really in-depth (well, compared to other recent ones) article about napping, specifically how it's catching on in our sleep-deprived work-your-butt-off society. It even mentions polyphasic sleep without being completely wrong about it! … Continue reading

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They’re small; take three!

Mm, another Lifehacker article by a tech-startup-consultant-rockstar who's going to teach us all to be clean, slick and productive through the magic of a daytime nap. *yawn* (No, I'm not tired. ;) Anyway, dutifully I read the article, amusedly I … Continue reading

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