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Artificially Imposed Order, yo

Ten Things I’ve Done

Still working on the site updates; thanks for being patient with me, everyone! Scalzi's doing a thing I thought I might jump in on (and you totally should too, if you want!) — Ten Things I've Done That You (Probably) … Continue reading

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Not your grandmother’s yearly plan (unless your grandma is WAY AWESOME)

SO yesterday was a lot of semi-sensible-sounding sleep-and-diet, writing-and-practice stuff…but don't let that fool you; I still highly value the *other* kind of planning too, the kind that just lets it all explode out and let's see what sticks.  Therefore, … Continue reading

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Uber Time Management Update

OKAY. Whew. So I kicked that cold, and I got through the few days of bitterly cold and dry weather that had my knees rehearsing for what being ninety might be like, and actually I didn’t do that bad in … Continue reading

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Do Surveys Know What it is “to Value”?

A recent Pew survey finds that more Americans think scientists contribute a lot to society (70%) than do doctors (69%), engineers (64%), the clergy (40%), journalists (38%), artists (31%), lawyers (23%) or business executives (21%). via Do Americans Value Science? … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Rock Online Shopping

I’ve been shopping online since it was possible, for virtually (ha!) everything I can. For me, a good year is one in which I don’t have to buy a single Xmas or birthday present at a store.  I don’t particularly … Continue reading

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(I am stuck) On China

China has been an area of intense study for me recently, so I thought I should share some of my discoveries and realizations. One is that some of the coolest blogs ever deal with China.  Maybe it’s because it’s such … Continue reading

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You, In Order

(That’s not to say that I am orderly.) I am: Conscious first. Alive (physically embodied) second. Human third. Those are what I see as my primaries.  When I have to “side”, I take the highest (most inclusive) side I can. … Continue reading

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PD’s Holiday Gift Guide for 2008 and Every Year Thereafter

Every site has a gift-guide, it seems, and why should I be any different?  Because I’m ALWAYS THE SAME, that’s why.  Easy on the brain and forever marching in lockstep with all the other fish-kettle drummers, that’s me. So, here’s … Continue reading

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Technology, technology everywhere

Tech Notes from your friendly online blatherer: 1.  I used to really like ScribeFire (a Firefox extension) — it’s easy to call up & get rid of, and great for managing multiple blogs — but after a recent update, it … Continue reading

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I bet you think this post is about you, don’t you?

Is everybody, even basically unassuming folks, just a little vain about something, or is it just me? I realized the other day that I’m quite vain about my hair.  (To be fair, ignoring it would be difficult; it is Legion!)  … Continue reading

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