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Artificially Imposed Order, yo

Cool Lists have Cool Titles

this picture is a thought experiment too Oo, this is worth a mention — St. Gasoline hits me with a "WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THAT?!" post with his Top Ten Philosophical Thought Experiments writeup.  It’s a very good list … Continue reading

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Things you might not have known about Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

woo-ha! His mother committed suicide on Mother’s Day. He was trapped in a meat locker labelled "Slaughterhouse Five" during WWII, and was one of only seven Americans to be captured by the Germans and survive. He once ate dinner with … Continue reading

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Rules of Conversational Warfare

I found this list I wrote elsewhere, and thought, geez, everybody can use this! I accumulated this knowledge through years of philosophy, religion and politics done in public settings, often with suits on; from having near-continuous fights with the crazy … Continue reading

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The Really Good Chocolate Diet

By Jesus’ Toenails, I’ve got it! It’s the best idea for a diet plan ever! The secret is: Really good chocolate. See, I have these wonderful crazy best friends who send me stuff in the mail all the time. (This … Continue reading

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Who, me?

behold the inner stoner We accept that some people’s bare hands are deadly enough to require that they give warning before getting into a fistfight.  (I know several such people, but am not one myself…yet.)  Yet we don’t require people … Continue reading

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10 reasons you should NOT be polyphasic

Ahem. I’ve long said it’s not for everybody; now, even though it’s 5 a.m. and I’ve been up chilling and writing and smiling for an hour, I shall elucidate when and whom it’s not for. If more than one of … Continue reading

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Tradition: Perhaps the Dumbest Excuse Ever

*sigh* Much as I’m sorely tempted to write about the truck driver who spilled 40 tons of cow intestines all over the road… But then NPR ran a piece on the Haredi Jews in Israel, who are being sued in … Continue reading

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How to Not Get Sick

Ah, the New Year. A great time to drink, stay up late (and/or screw up your polyphasic schedule), eat tasty food, and generally kneel down and beg all handy bacteria and viruses to infect your ass. I, for example, was … Continue reading

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Polyphasic Resources (suggestions welcome) and Aliens. Because we like aliens.

Stuff! Is out there! Okay, what’s cooler: That the former head of the British Ministry of Defense, who spent years with full access to UFO sightings data and used to be a skeptic, is now issuing an outcry over Britain’s … Continue reading

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Ten Things you should Just Do.

The difference between afloat and adrift is… It’s been a while since I did a list, and longer since it was one that didn’t entirely have to do with sleeping (or not), so hizah!  Behold: Things It’s Just A Good … Continue reading

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