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Scream, clap, laugh, win: Humor makes a great molotov cocktail

Luke McKinney's new article — a follow-up to his infamous piece on "straight white male" being sexuality's lowest difficulty setting (you may remember John Scalzi's still-famous article expanding that idea) — on 5 Gamer Comments That Give Straight White Guys a Bad … Continue reading

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Word Junkie

To remind you who you're dealing with: the allusive is my everything (oh lovely self-slogan, all I need and a t-shirt too) the illusive makes me sick  (show 'em or go home, gods; this ain't dice) and the elusive lifts … Continue reading

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Give Me A DRM-Free World

Lulu Blog » Living in a DRM-Free World. Count me among the authors who feel that DRM did nothing to benefit us, and who're frankly relieved that it's on the way out. Has the book been torrented?  Yup.  Does this … Continue reading

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NGrammatical Fun

Oooo, if you haven't messed with Google Ngram, you shooooould!  Instant pretty graphs of the occurrence of any words and phrases in tons of books over time?  YES PLEASE! Here, for example, you can see that the phrase "in the … Continue reading

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The Perfect Square Has No Corners

I love this passage from the Tao Te Ching (chapter 41): The wise student hears of the Tao and practices it diligently. The average student hears of the Tao and thinks about it now and then. The foolish student hears … Continue reading

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Eris v. Atlas: The Throwdown!

Ooooh, I can't not put this up:  So wonderful!  An excellent fellow named JMR Higgs (and points to you, sir, for the spiffy three-letter first name…very nice in the Age Of Acronyms) has written a comprehensive side-by-side of two of … Continue reading

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My shit is a little bit narrow (fix my apostrophe!)

I'm awesome at grammar, but it's a talent, not a skill:  I do it in my guts, and I have to go back and think it through in order to tell you why something is right or not.   (I … Continue reading

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