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May I have an order of logic to go, please?

Step one: Do people have food, shelter, and access to health care and education? If yes, THEN spend fifty billion of their dollars unencrypting their emails. Yes? I mean, I do sorta have a degree in logic, but this doesn't … Continue reading

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Feynman and the eighth-of-an-inch black hole

In my stumblings today, I wound up watching this Nova episode on Richard Feynman:   Now, this is partly notable because I'd been pretty sure there wasn't much on Feynman that I hadn't seen or read already. I'm a huge…well, … Continue reading

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Me All Over

You know you're part of a subculture when you sometimes check the popular RSS feeds and want to run for your tinfoil hat:

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Max CPU Priority: Window

How efficient would a computer be that ran non-stop for decades, with no cleanup of any sort?  With almost every program it had ever started lingering in memory way longer than it was needed, and many of them never stopping … Continue reading

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The Drone Problem: Restriction Can’t Make Technology Less Scary

Drones.  It's a huge topic, but this article by the ACLU does a great job with its major points and substantive links-for-more-info.  (That's also a real, researched article; and this is a blog post; so compare accordingly.) My own take … Continue reading

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NGrammatical Fun

Oooo, if you haven't messed with Google Ngram, you shooooould!  Instant pretty graphs of the occurrence of any words and phrases in tons of books over time?  YES PLEASE! Here, for example, you can see that the phrase "in the … Continue reading

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The Perfect Square Has No Corners

I love this passage from the Tao Te Ching (chapter 41): The wise student hears of the Tao and practices it diligently. The average student hears of the Tao and thinks about it now and then. The foolish student hears … Continue reading

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