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exactly what it sounds like, unfortunately

A call to keyboards

Bruce Schneier in the Guardian:  "The NSA has undermined a fundamental social contract. We engineers built the internet – and now we have to fix it. Government and industry have betrayed the internet, and us. This is not the internet … Continue reading

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Broken Systems

This morning in the news we find two very broken systems: 1.  "Copyright" "Enforcement":  The fact that neither YouTube's complex "takedown" system nor the DMCA (federal law) as practiced could stop Lionsgate (a film distributor) from forcibly removing this completely … Continue reading

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Do Not Miss “Secrets and Lies of the Bailout”

Isn't it funny how citizens of the US have heard almost nothing but bland reassurances about how that whole cost-of-an-entire-war-to-bail-out-the-banks thing worked out? Yes, well. One of our country's greatest remaining investigative journalists has some news for you…the whole thing … Continue reading

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The Drone Problem: Restriction Can’t Make Technology Less Scary

Drones.  It's a huge topic, but this article by the ACLU does a great job with its major points and substantive links-for-more-info.  (That's also a real, researched article; and this is a blog post; so compare accordingly.) My own take … Continue reading

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Who’s your zombie apocalypse dream team?

Just a fun question that occurred to me today:  Out of all the people you know, which handful would you most rather be stranded with if the real, apocalyptic shit were to hit the fan? (Not necessarily zombies — the … Continue reading

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Spend Wisely: Buying vs. DRMRenting

It's yet another example of the kind of imprecise language that gives me hives: Companies and their customers refer to purchasing rights to controlled content as "buying", when it's emphatically not. A perfect example showed up in the news today: … Continue reading

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NO no NO no NO no NO no NO no NO no NO no NO no NO no NO no NO no NO no NO no NO no NO no NO no NO no NO no NO no NO no … Continue reading

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